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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Islam and the Christian West: The problem is us, not them

It is not news that over the past couple of decades an Islamism derived from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar groups has made major strides in nominally Christian countries. Stories abound in Canada, the United States, and to an even greater degree in various European nations about conflict between the host peoples and the new immigrants. Tragic cases are heard of in Sweden, Britain about rape of young women... tales echo of ghettos remaining isolated by design and circumstance - again from the indigenous population. Troubles occur in the Netherlands, Belgium -- and yes, here in Canada. Female genital mutilation is rampant in Islamic communities in the UK.  

In Toronto, the Deer Valley Park Public School with its mosque is representative of the paradigm shift. The recent Toronto-based street preacher, who proposed the application of Sharia law for women's dress is another case in point. Can it be denied that the West has pornogrified and vulgarized her women to such an extent that even "main stream" media sees nothing wrong; but is even laudatory. The eccentric street preacher's rejection of femininity is not answered by the degradation of femininity. It is not answered by the foolishness of the Sun Network's trotting out images of burka-clad women from the villages of Somalia or Pakistan; nor a number of its journalists dressing up in soi-dissant burka to play to its audience. The Sun and the Taliban notwithstanding, Muslim women do not all wear sacks. But neither is it answered by the buffoonery of the CBC/Toronto Star with their fawning and winking at the advance of Islamism. Journalist Tarek Fatah has on many occasions pointed out the inability of "left-wing" journalism to admit and face Islamic extremism. A problem remains if not dealt with: an incorrect analysis, ignoring its existence leaves the problem to fester. 

"Western" women glorying in being sluts 
Yet, all of these strange happenings and reactions are not the fault of Islam, sharia-advocates, etc. The fault lies with us. That is, if anyone is to blame it is the indigenous population. The world has, and always will be ruled by spiritual values - they may be true or false, but the world is ruled by ideas. Since, roughly, the French Revolution, nation after nation has thrown off any connection with Christianity; divinizing man and humanizing God. The once Christian West then indulged in a number of grotesque fratricidal wars, and topped all of that off with sexual hedonism/promiscuity, materialism, and a growing culture of death (abortion and contraception).  

Arabic woman modeling an Abaya

Is it the fault of Islam that we no longer wish to live? Is it the fault of Islam that we have rejected God, turned His moral law on its head; believe that two men may confect wedlock? Is it the fault of Islam that we have come to believe that two plus two is five? Is it the fault of Islam that western nations have betrayed Christian communities in the Middle East into the hands of terrorists? We have become barbarians (apologies to Freyr, and my maternal grandmother's side of the family), we have chosen this path. It has not been forced on us by Islam. Islam is showing itself as a superior spiritual force to the decadent ideology of the Enlightenment. 

Arabic woman without burka
Within Islam there is a struggle - yes, Islamism is brutal, primitive and evil (but no less so than the proliferation of abortion amongst "Catholic" women). Recalling Archbishop Sheen - there are a number of "notes" of truth that Islam strikes on the "piano" of religion. It is with these notes that the Church must begin to fashion melodies, that our true Islamic friends can sing with us. Pope John Paul II forged an alliance with segments of Islam in the 90s to combat the culture of death.  As to the primitive villages of Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.  that nurture the dark-age Islamist: these people are the enemies of humanity; but they are no more the enemies of humanity than the agents of death who come in the guise of an eminently "Christian" name. The latter, having tasted truth are, in fact, far worse. The "problem" of Islam is really the "problem" of Christianity. We have ceased being Christian - that is the problem. 


Freyr said...

There is a great deal of prejudice in this entire area from the constant setting up of Islamic straw men by Sun News to the obscene parroting of the Iranian line in the recent Bulgarian bombing by people who ought to know better. We have lost our way. We somehow imagine that by speaking out against same sex marriage we are virtuous but in the face of the serial polygamy, easy divorce and fornication rampant in our culture we are silent. Turning people into sex objects is somehow alright if we are attracted to them as well.

"A man who has been killed by one enemy is just as dead as one who has been killed by a whole army. If you are friends with one habit of mortal sin, you live in death, even though you may seem to have all the other virtues." Thomas Merton

Vox Cantoris said...

The more people that come to understand the evil of Islamo-fascism the better and if it takes SUN TV to do it, then that is fine. There culture of rot and filth is indeed our enemy and as someone who's ancestors had to deal with these barbarians, I have every right to say it.

The woman pictured is the beauty of the Arab world in an incredibly modest dress, not some potatoe sack.

If you don't wake up out of your pacifism you'll be finding your Catholic faith stripped away by the radical secularists and leftists in their evil collaboration with the religion from Hell.

Mohamat was a murderous, lecherous paedophile, he was no prophet and the Antichrist will use Islam to strike at Christianity, indeed it has already begun and sticking your head in the sand Freyr only adds to it.

Wake up!

And as for homosexuals using their tools and mouths in an unnatural way, it is much worse than adultery or fornication. There are degrees and homosexual behaviour is the lowest a man can get.

The other is sinful but it is still natural.

Freyr said...

If you don't wake up out of your pacifism
You may have just crossed the line. No one here is advocating war of any kind and if that is your intention, please do not comment here. If you hate the enemies of the church you risk becoming one of them and hatred will get you to hell just as surely as sodomy will.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

"The 'problem' of Islam is really the 'problem' of Christianity. We have ceased being Christian - that is the problem." This is exactly the issue. And sadly we will be something else soon not by choice but by laws and other policies of persuasion. We now have Islamic Heritage Month in the Toronto District School Board and Motion 103 to silence us:

Can Sharia law far behind? I hope I'm totally wrong. God help us!