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Monday, 9 July 2012

Chinese Bishop persecuted by neo-fascist CPC

The recently consecrated Chinese Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin, declared this past July 7th in Shanghai, that his new Episcopal ministry would not be associated with the heretical and schismatic sect, the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (a Chinese Communist Party controlled entity established under the monstrous tyranny of Mao-Tse-Tung). The result of his disassociation with the schismatics caused great consternation amongst the communist officials, and resulted in the bishop being detained and unable to celebrate Mass the following day. Please pray for the Church in China. 
The Bishop's concluded his public address at his Consecration as follows: 
The motto of my coat-of-arms came from two famous quotations. The first one is what Bishop Jin always taught us during our seminary days. It is a quote borrowed from Saint Ignatius - "For the Greater Glory of God" (Ad majorem Dei gloriam). In this present moment, in this place, we have to choose a way that will serve God with greater glory.
The second quotation I selected is "We are one". I hope everyone, in our heart, will respond to Jesus Christ's teachings to the Apostles: "May all be one!" I will spend my whole life to strive for unity.
In the light of the teaching of Our Mother Church, as I now serve as a bishop, I should focus on the pastoral work and evangelization. It is inconvenient for me to take on certain responsibilities. Therefore, from this day of consecration, I will no longer be convenient to be a member of the Patriotic Association. (Warm applause resounded through the church, over and over again; many participants were moved to tears!)
May we be one. For the Greater Glory of God!

A full report can be read at Asianews and Vatican Insider


Vox Cantoris said...

Did you notice that $2 million of our tax dollars has gong to build a memorial of our wonderful contribution to Mao's murderous regime?

Freyr said...

Did you notice that your statement has no source link?