Friday 17 November 2023

A further update on Andrew Rivera

An update on Andrew Rivera. Help is still needed, as the process of recovery is long despite much progress.

Update #6 - November 17th at 7:14am

It is now November 17, over 7 months since Andrew's collapse from a diabetic coma and the resulting complications, including kidney failure (now resolved) and a stroke. During the medical crisis and testing it was found that Andrew had a hole in his heart. I'm glad to write that in mid-September, it was repaired in surgery and Andrew continues to recover. However, the effect of the stroke and the whole period of being in a coma means that his recovery is still ongoing. Make no mistake, he is improving, but, there is no indication of when he will be able to return to work. It may be many, many months, I cannot predict. 

I ask you not to forget Andrew and Orlando and to remember them in your prayers.

I thank each of you for your kindness by way of financial support. Many of you have given multiple times. Some have given small amounts, like the recent $7 donation. That is the "widow's mite," and the opus Dei! Thank you so much. 

Please, please, share this on your social media. Please help us get to the $50,000 goal by Christmas.

God bless you. 

David Anthony Domet

GiveSendGo - Supporting Andrew Rivera and Son: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

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