Wednesday, 24 May 2023

How Public Health Officials promoted sexual perversion during COVID

Public Health Officials: Sex Perverts?  "make it a little kinky....masturbate together..."

Whilst essential medical care for cancer and cardio illnesses have been cancelled since March (which will lead to very serious spikes in premature deaths, as has been honestly conceded in other countries), with millions unemployed, suicide and psychological illnesses soaring, public health officials in the United States and Canada (and I am sure all over the "West") are busy telling their citizens to engage in masturbation,  sodomy, the use of "glory holes", and engage in various other sexual perversions. No surprise that these people do not consider the worship of God as "essential". To them, man is merely a lustful brute with no soul, no humanity.

Here we present "advice" from New York City, Toronto, British Columbia (see above)/Vancouver, and even Ottawa's advice for prostitutes.

New Yorkers are encouraged to engage in  "...sexting, subscription-based fan platforms, sexy Zoom parties...make it a little kinky...masturbate together...walls that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact...". NYC Public Health also has the following advice:" Consider getting a swab or saliva test for COVID-19 on a more frequent basis (monthly or within five to seven days of a hookup)".

Torontonians are told: "consensual sex pass the time when isolated indoors..."."...if you usually meet partners online, are polyamorous consider video dating, sexting, or chat rooms...". Toronto Public Health adds: "ABORTION CLINICS REMAIN OPEN IN TORONTO...". Of course they do! But churches were closed.....

Prostitutes in Ottawa are being told: " must do what you can to stay safe and keep working...". But you can catch COVID "If your trick is sick". However, "...have your date wash their hands and wear a mask...consider implementing a no-kissing with your clients."

Masturbation is being pushed in a big way. A so-called psychologist has even written: "...forward-thinking clergy, healthcare professionals, and educators even advise modern parents to encourage their children to do so (typically in private), in the hope of raising sexually healthy adolescent...". 

Are you still in doubt that these same people threatened our weak and ineffectual religious leaders? Are you still in doubt that they would like to see our churches closed? And let us be very honest - permanently (they would like to see Christianity disappear, as Christian morality is at complete odds with their materialist conception of life, which they openly oppose).
Friends, how do you think God views all of this?

Where there is NO repentance, NO confession of SIN, NO public acts of reparation, the wrath of God will be poured out. God will NOT be mocked.

We must NOT wait for our "leaders", our Pope, our bishops, our politicians. Leadership, if it was to come, would have come already. These men are SILENT.

We must take the lead now. We must reform our lives, confess our sins, repent, and make acts of reparation. 


B.C Health promoting every possible perversion


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Jonah said...

The last line of defense is the family. We are created to cherish our spouses and children, and are naturally inclined to abide by God's laws. His Spirit lives in us and will guide us through the darkness.