Monday, 27 July 2020

Star Trek and Coronavirus? Was the Klingon Totalitarian System the Inspiration for Worldwide Lockdowns?

Reality can be stranger than fiction, even science fiction. Was the attempted military takeover of the planet Organia, by the totalitarian Klingon Empire in the Star Trek episode, "Errand of Mercy", a source of inspiration for governments in imposing dystopian worldwide lock downs and civil liberty violations?

The following quotations, so eerily familiar, are actually not drawn from your public health official, politician, or media mouthpiece. They are quotations from Commander Kor, the Military Governor of Organia.

"...there are many rules and regulations..."

"Violation of the smallest will be  punished..."

"From this day on NO PUBLIC ASSEMBLAGES of more than THREE people."

"All publications TO BE CLEARED through this office."

"Neighbourhood CONTROLS will be established..."

"...a somewhat lengthy list of CRIMES against the State."


Osusanna said...

Yeah, but those peaceful Organians had something up their sleeves lol, and won in the end.

nazareusrex said...

It seems that those who promote the use of MASKS are not doing it to prevent COVID 19 😷 but to decrease the emissions of Carbon Dioxide that humans produce by breathing, that is, so that we become intoxicated with our own CO2 and according to their wicked minds so that 'we do not intoxicate the planet' 🤒. Since from the beginning the experts said that homemade masks do not decrease the risk of contracting the Coronavirus, so why so much emphasis? 🤔

Jonah said...

It's called "predictive programming"