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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Pope Benedict XVI...Six years on, and STILL going strong! Why did he REALLY resign?

The other day, "Pope Emeritus" Benedict XVI paid a visit to Castel Gandolfo. According to the reports carried in the SSPX news agency, the former Pope was described by witnesses as ".. a man still in good health for being 92 years old, “smiling, aware, curious, available, and affable.”

According to Crux, another witness stated: "...it was striking to see his fairly thin, very fragile physique and his severe difficulty in walking".

The two statements are not contradictions, but complementary. They describe an elderly, mentally aware gentleman, who in his 92nd year has taken on some understandable frailties, such as difficulty walking. 

Now, Let us cast ourselves back six and a half years to 2013, and re-read the following reason for the papal resignation: 

However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the barque of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.  
For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005...

Nearly seven years ago, Pope Benedict informed the Church that due to deteriorated strength of mind and body that came on "in the last few months", he was "for THIS reason", renouncing the papacy. I, like so many others I know, believed that a health issue had come upon the Pope and that he was in his final months of life.

However, since he is still very much alive, obviously the event/events were NOT medical

So, what were they? 

What precipitated this collapse of "strength of mind and body..."?  


The Pope himself gives us a clue as to the real reason: "shaken by question of deep relevance for the life of Faith..." The "life of the Faith", in other words, the Church was under attack not only from the world, but also from WITHIN. 

Question: Why do you think the Pope resigned? 

The combox awaits readers reflections, comments, and contributions as to the reason/s  and motivation/s for the papal resignation. 


Anonymous said...

I believe is was that report that three cardinals signed of over 300 pages of financial malfeasance that led to the extent of the lavender mafia within the Vatican and throughout the Church. He was so overwhelmed after reading it he resigned. Or it could be they had dirt on him or his brother.


TLM said...

He resigned under duress at the hands of the freemasonic gay mafia that has infiltrated the Vatican and the Church at large. They are saying that this 'resignation' was not valid because of the conditions. Ann Barnhardt has studied the wording of the resignation itself and come to the conclusion that alone made the resignation invalid. At the time, I wasn't completely on board with it all, being above my pay grade, but as time goes on..... If the 'mafia' didn't put undue stress on him and there was no coercion, the scope and numbers of the degenerates in Miters was probably enough to due him in once discovered. Probably not a lot of the Catholic world was aware at that point in time the magnitude of the infiltration. They kind of quietly multiplied like cock roaches in the dark. At the very least, he knew he was boxed in with no where to go. Worst case scenario (similar to the scene in the Godfather) he was given an offer he couldn't refuse. Pray God his bed was not graced with a horse's head.

John Haggerty said...

Please visit online:

Why Did Pope Benedict Resign? Dr Taylor Marshall Connects the Dots.
A vlog from Dr Marshall uploaded to Roman Catholic Man (edited by Fr. Richard Heilman) August 29 2018.
Dr Marshall reminds us that Archbishop Vigano blew the whistle on the Vatican Bank in 2009-2010 and that this had direct consequences on Benedict's resignation.

Also, a trenchant essay by Dr Maike Hickson, a German scholar and mother of two children:
The Ongoing Discussion About Pope Benedict XVI's Resignation Receives New Fuel - One Peter 5 dated March 13 2017.

As Dr Hickson sees it, the church under Bergoglio is now engaged in the Francis Project of religious and cultural syncretism; this embraces moral relativism, New Age spirituality, and scientific secularism.
Francis insists that this is how the church can be both relevant and caring.
But the Francis Project of 'modernisation' is fatally compromised.
The church has to all intents and purposes surrendered to the world.

All this was the 'cultural soup' Pope Benedict (and Ratzinger the gifted theologian) detested and rejected.

Benedict has a profound understanding of patristic theology and the uniqueness of the historic Catholic world view.
Benedict's vision of the church is the faith that was handed down by the Apostles.
Under no circumstance must the church surrender to the world.
As the bride of Christ the church is called to bear witness to the truth, to suffer, to be the salt of the earth, and to be a light to all nations.

It is telling that Pope Benedict was never allowed to publicly address the University of Rome.
For Francis the same university rolled out the red carpet.

J Haggerty said...

Regarding the Francis Project, there are two YouTube interviews from three years ago that are worth revisiting:

1) World over 2016-12-15, Amoris Laetitia and the Dubia. Cardinal Raymond Burke with Raymond Arroyo. EWTN 16 December 2016.

2) Bishop Barron on Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia. Bishop Robert Barron, 2 June 2016.

Bishop Barron said that the church is extreme in its demands and extreme in its mercy.

John Haggerty said...

Again, for all followers of Toronto Catholic Witness, may I recommend on YouTube:

The Vortex - Competing Catholicism in Crookston.
Church Militant 8 August 2019.

The Holy Spirit is anointing the witness and news reporting of Church Militant, of that I have no doubt.
In these spiritually dark times we really do need to pray for, and support, the staff of this faithful Catholic media group.

J Haggerty said...

Before going out (now) for my afternoon walk I watched something of real interest on YouTube:

The Vortex - Bishop Barron and Fatima.
Church Militant 7 August 2019.

I have always held out hope that Bishop Barron, a most intelligent and engaging vlogger, could be won over for the truth of the pre-Conciliar Church of Pope Pius XII. The Holy Spirit can move mountains!
Even that prescient witness, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, did not condemn everything about Vatican II. Just most things, and certainly the disastrous Nuovo Ordo Mass.

I was at junior school (in Scotland we say primary school) when the white smoke issued from the Vatican chimneys for over five minutes, announcing that we had a new pope.
I am now fairly certain that Cardinal Siri was elected pope and refused, because with his outspoken anti-communist views, he feared recriminations on his family.
Cardinal Siri cannot be thought of as the 'Red Pope' because he asked the conclave to excuse him.
But he was the man who ought to have been pope.

Just think.
If Cardinal Siri had sat in place of John XXIII we would have been spared the shipwreck of Vatican II.

Aqua said...

I think he did exactly what he said he did, and for the reasons he stated in his partial resignation letter (the Latin original).

He resigned the administration of the See (diocese) Of Rome, so that he could devote himself, as Christ’s Vicar, fully and completely to prayer and contemplation of Almighty God (as Moses did on Mount Sinai) - both on behalf of the chosen People Of God.

God is in spiritual communion with Pope Benedict XVI, link between heaven and earth. He intercedes for the suffering Church and indeed the whole world.

The See Of Rome is administered by an antipope who vigorously spreads his antipope heresy while time yet remains.

The Seat Of Peter is occupied by a contemplative hero of the Faith - who knows far better than anyone else on earth the precarious position the Church is in, and indeed the whole world, due to its sin, blasphemy and rebellion.

Islam_Is_Islam said...

Please note that even with this less precise English translation of the Latin used in your article, Pope Benedict did not resign from the Papal Office. He renounced the Petrine Ministry. Not in substantial error according to Canon 332.2 but through recourse to the virtue of Equity which is a "liberal interpretation of the law in instances not provided by the letter of the law. It presupposes sincerity in wanting to observe the law, and interprets the mind of the lawgiver in supplying his presumed intent to include a situation that is not covered by the law. It favors the liberty of the interpreter without contradicting the express will of the lawgiver." Continuation of the Divinely instituted monarchical structure of the Papal Office would be the intent of Canon 332.2. Because there is reasonable doubt as to what Pope Benedict actually did, an examination of the renunciation (not resignation or abdication) should be requested by the faithful both laity and clergy.

Anonymous said...

Sodano still lives; interestingly, all of the last suburbicarian Cardinal-Bishops from the pre-Francis pontificates still live - a very unusual situation this far into a no longer new pontificate.

Benedict aged noticeably in the last year and a half of his pontificate; retirement probably added several years to his life. One feature of his retirement is that he's remained on Vatican sovereign territory, and I've long sensed (since Feb 2013) he chose that and his title to assert immunity against efforts of those that wanted to break down traditional Vatican immunities from deposition (in the legal process sense), litigation and prosecution. Benedict apparently also wanted to establish a precedent and process for voluntary papal renunciations because he saw how the last several years of his predecessor's pontificate provided cover for malefaction by Sodano et al.

I do suspect one of Francis's pastoral goals has been to scramble the idea of Pope As Sole Oracle that's really been a fruit of the combination of the end of papal pretence to secular rule and the advent of mass communications in the modern era. And it's his traditionalist critics who are doing his work for him in that regard.

John Haggerty said...

'The priesthood is on life support and they want to destroy it. In the Church and out. They want to destroy the Catholic priesthood. It's almost dead already, the Novus Ordo.'

Those are the words of Michael J Matt, editor of The Remnant Newspaper.
Watch - Presumed Guilty: Open Season on Catholic priests. Remnant, 8 August 2019 (YouTube).

Mr Matt's words are a cri de coeur.

One can only hope that every bishop in the world listens to him, and that every bishop faces up to the fact that we are in a kind of Catholic Endgame.
If Catholicism can die in Ireland, the green island that sent priests all over the world, then it can and will die everywhere else.

The Modernists need to eschew Modernism and return to the words of Pope Pius X, who described Modernism as the synthesis of all errors.
The homosexual bishops and priests need to repent and live a chaste life.
The decadent bishops who make life difficult for the faithful priests need to change their ways or face damnation in the world to come.

Pope Francis needs to repent and stop trying to be some kind of Uncle Frankie who wants to be hugged by the foolish crowds.
Pope Francis needs to admit he was wrong because only then will he be free of humbug and heresy.
Wrong about the anti-priest James Martin.
Wrong about the post-Conciliar church which has turned Catholicism into a clappy happy New Age theme park.
Wrong when he sneered at the Latin rite.
Wrong when he embraced Pope Paul VI's Novus Ordo as some wonderful achievement when it was in truth, 'a bastard rite for bastard priests', in Archbishop Lefebvre's piercing words.

Pope Emeritus Benedict needs to follow up Archbishop Vigano and admit that the church has become Satan's playground.
The time for diplomatic niceness is over.
This is life or death.

The Lord Jesus Christ did not mince words when he called the Pharisees a den of vipers.
It is Jesus the viperous Modernists betrayed.
They destroyed the true Mass.

Remember the words of Mary the Mother of God at La Salette?
'Rome will lose the faith.'

Anonymous said...

He resigned because all those named in the Vatican dossier on homo infiltration of the Vatican threatened his life. The Cardinals are all involved because they are all named either directly or indirectly in that dossier. Bergoglio was elected in an invalid conclave as per canon 359 to destroy and cover up the dossier's findings. No other reason.

MyronM said...

The Last Pontifex, Judas
The Olive Garden, in which the Lord Jesus was sweating with blood, was also a witness to the treacherous act of Judas the Apostle. The Saint Mary' church at Avenida La Plata 286 (Spanish: 'Silver Avenue'), Buenos Aires, where Eucharistic Miracles appeared (May 1992, August 1996) is a contemporary edifice (1936) of a certain Jorge Bergoglio. The apostle Judas*, Jesus' companion and perhaps His peer, assisted the birth of the Church and sold his Head, Jesus Christ, for thirty pieces of silver. The infamous Argentinean in Vatican, also from the society of Jesus - in his spiritual constriction even retained the passport of his native Argentina - is the payment that Benedict XVI, the last successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, received for betrayal of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, for adultery with the spirit of this world and enabling the crucifixion of the Roman Catholic church. Illusive argentum (silver) of temporality, a mountain of silver on the banks of the Tiber River - man feels betrayal from afar. Poor papa Benedict did not expect such a payment: now he is bound with this Argentine "Living Silver" in the Vatican like Judas with a pile of silver in the courtyard of the Temple of Jerusalem. The merciful Mother of the Church, however, will give, as in Fatima foretold, to the "Bishop in White", the last Pontifex, an opportunity for repentance and perfect remorse, just as She gave this grace to the first one - Saint Peter the Apostle.
And where are the cardinals, bishops, when the Roman Catholic Church is in mortal danger? They hid like the first apostles. Only the beloved disciple, John, persevered at Jesus. Who of the apostles persevere at the crucified Church? Messenger the Fire, but will he find faith on earth?

*Judas Iscariot appears in the New Testament as the 12th, last apostle. Pope Benedict XVI, as the last of the successors of Saint Peter the Apostle, jumped into Judas' shoes and committed treason. After the Ascension of the Lord, the College of the Apostles was completed by Matthew or 'God's Gift'. After the betrayal of Benedict XVI, his place is taken by Messenger the Fire, the another Comforter - the heavenly gift of God the Father and the Son for the last days.

Aqua said...

Inspired by Anonymous @9Aug 1715 .... and the idea that God’s unchanging, perfect plans are subject to the will of mighty men (“oracles”).

I just finished reading the Book of Judith, followed by the Book of Esther. These are both prime examples of how God always works, through time, in defense of His Kingdom, on behalf of His chosen People. He never loses. The victories are *always* his, even though the lucky few participate.

In the case of Judith, the nation of Israel was holed up in the mountains, cut off from food and water, surrounded by the most powerful army, led by the most vicious general (Holofernes) on the planet. Israel, its Priests and Princes had fasted and prayed. God still had not answered, and so they prepared to surrender and accept the inevitable.

But the widow Judith - Judith who had devoted her widowhood to fasting, prayer, contemplation of God - Judith stands in front of the assembled noblemen and all Israel and corrects them for their lack of faith. She marches alone into the camp of the assembled Assyrian army, into the tent of Holofernes and early one morning chops off his head.

Queen Esther’s story, likewise similar. Haman, trusted adviser to King Ahasuerus king of the Persians, ruler of the world intended to kill Mordecai and all Jews leading to Queen Esther herself. Instead, Haman is hung on his own gibbet, his wealth and office given to Mordechai, the Jews spared execution and given special protection instead.

It is always like this with God. He is Lord of The Lost Cause, King of The Underdog, Defender of The Hopeless. Old, frail Pope Benedict XVI, alone and unseen wields immense power and influence in the world. These evil men striding out to the Amazon to do their evil deeds against Holy Mother Church, will not ultimately succeed. They will fall hard. Likely in our own lifetimes. And then we will know what true happiness is, when we consider the goodness of God.

J Haggerty said...

My thanks, Aqua. You remind me of Chesterton's Father Brown.
Roman Catholic convert Alice Thomas Ellis used to say of (as he then was) Cardinal Ratzinger, 'I love that man!'

Your picture of Pope Benedict, 'alone and unseen', and at prayer, is memorable. As is your reading of Judith and Esther.

And thanks to the other commentators.
And to Barona for this post.

The Church is in the dark night of the soul, but the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

AstridMariaR said...

For a plausible proposal as to what happened in the Vatican 2012-13, see:

J Haggerty said...

Thanks, AstridMariaR.

'The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI' can be read on a most informed blog: From Rome (An International Venue for Catholic Thought).

On the same blog:

'Archbishop Georg Ganswein's revelations point to Conclave Pact to elect Bergoglio.'

'Team Bergoglio and the legacy of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro.'

'Team Bergoglio is a heretical conspiracy to overthrow Church of Christ.'

'Swiss Bishops confirm existence of St. Gallen Mafia.'

J Haggerty said...

If I can once more prevail upon your patience, please read ...

From Rome blog:
Yes, A Pope Can Be Canonically Deposed. By Brother Alexis Bugnolo.

Novus Ordo Watch:
No, A True Pope Cannot Be Deposed. Reply to Brother Alexis Bugnolo. 10 September 2018.

The Radical Catholic:
Rebuild My Church. An Interview with Brother Bugnolo. 21 April 2015.

John Haggerty said...

A final word, Barona.

As you concluded, the attack is as much from within as without.

If the toxic culture of secrecy and cover-up is endemic within the United States hierarchy, what is it like at HQ - i.e. inside the Curia in Rome?

It must have broken Pope Benedict's heart.

Archbishop Vigano must have felt very alone when he saw that none of the hierarchy were prepared to step up and give him support.
I'm afraid that there is an utter lack of manliness in most of the American bishops.
Soon they will stand before the judgement seat of Christ.

Stephen Brady, president of the Roman Catholic Faithful, has been investigating the American hierarchy for years. You can watch a short interview with him:

The Vortex - A Veteran's Assessment.
Church Militant. 18 June 2019. YouTube.

Never despair.
Toronto Catholic Witness is needed more than ever.
Even if it feels at times that no one is listening!

The Word of God never returns void.
It may be another generation before anyone sees the harvest of the seeds that are being sown now.

You may not live to see the harvest, but many souls will be saved and enter glory, because of your prayers, sacrifices, public witness to the truth, and evangelical preaching.

Satan cannot defeat the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.

Irenaeus said...

I don't know, Barona. I was only dimly aware of the reign of Benedict XVI, and only really got involved with all of this under the reign of Francis I.

Benedict will have to give an account as to why he resigned when he dies. I can only hope it was a good reason.