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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Diabolic and Catholic Discord ~ has confusion made its masterpiece?

Confusion, anger, agitation, irritation, personal attacks amongst Catholics is a sure sign of diabolical attack and infestation in our midst. I have felt it, and I have been guilty of it, and I have been tempted to it. Indeed, even yesterday. Providence would have it, that it ended. 

I found the above, by Bishop Fulton Sheen, and ask you to watch it, reflect upon it, and see what you can do to fight back against the diabolic. The devil exists, he is very powerful, and he is sifting the Church and us. Each of us, in our own private lives. For the soul is won to Heaven, or lost to Hell, as a private soul, in a private spiritual drama. 

There is, and continues to be a marked increase in psychological disorders in our modern, urbanized society. For example, personality disorders, though psychiatric conditions, I would suggest in most cases (I need to emphasize, not all), begin in an attachment to sin. The soul becomes hardened, blunted, the conscience numbed.... These are all signs of an increase in diabolical activity in the world, and in our private lives. Habitual sin many times flows over into eventual metal instability and illness.

It is Lent. I need to increase my prayer life, go back to Confession, and stop worrying about things I cannot change. Just this morning, I read that the homosexual predator bishop from Argentina will be charged by the secular authorities. This is the man who, according to reports, had "high-octane [homosexual] pornographic material" on his mobile phone. The report I read, noted that the standard Roman response to this is to promote this known sexual perverts. This is the diabolical at work. But it does not stop there, for the diabolical also wishes me to waste my life in posting about it. He wishes me to rage, to write, to quarrel. Indeed, I have just now wasted a few minutes of my life writing this passage. No, we must flee the diabolical.

What is my point? I need to save MY soul. I need to reform MY life. I need to strive to live a good Catholic life so that I will be a GOOD EXAMPLE for not only my fellow Catholics, but for protestants, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists and others as to why they should consider Catholicism. 

The best preaching of the Gospel is a holy life. 

Far, far too many of us live sinful, if not lukewarm lives. The separated brethren, the non-believers will not be convinced of the Truth of Jesus Christ if they see us at each others throats. 

The diabolical is at work

Let us fight him with the weapons that Jesus Christ has given us. Or we shall surely perish in our sins.

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