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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Carlo Capella: what was a Vatican Diplomat doing in small town Canada, distributing child porn?

Fugitive from justice: Carlo Capella, senior Vatican diplomat  has a Canada-wide arrest
warrant for child pornography criminal activity

Why was a senior Vatican diplomat assigned to the Embassy in Washington D.C. in small-town Windsor, Canada? What diplomatic business could he possibly have had? The answer is: none. Diplomatic business in Canada is under the Papal Nuncio assigned to Canada. In December of 2016, whilst in the small town of Windsor, Capella accessed, downloaded and distributed child pornography. 

I repeat - DISTRIBUTED. 

Friends, like me, you are thinking: to WHOM did he send images of little children and possibly babies being sexually tortured and raped? Priests, bishops? It stands to reason that Capella would send these images to people who move in his jet-set, diplomatic circle. 

Very possibly Capella decided to come to Canada, foolishly believing that he could hide his IP address and the child-porn websites he was accessing from the American authorities. Did he think that by leaving the US he would be able to hide his digital tracks so that the authorities would not catch him at his diabolical work? Well, it failed, as the American authorities did catch him. 

No doubt, the Americans intended to hold this vile creature for extradition to Canada. Knowing his game was up, the demonic Capella declared "diplomatic immunity" and fled back to the Vatican. The wicked deviant is under - so we are told - "house arrest" (code for living in luxury in the Renaissance splendor of Vatican City State). This is standard procedure for the Vatican. Rush perverts back to Rome to hide out, and have their wrists smacked with luxurious living under "house arrest". 

Canadians are waiting for a serious response from the Vatican on this child porn distributor. Americans are outraged that this pervert was residing in their country all the while a child pornographer; no doubt with a huge collection of thousands of images of children and babies being tortured and raped. How many times did Capella open his computer at the US based Embassy and diabolically delight in looking at children being abused? Did Capella have video on his computer/s of children being raped? Just how many crimes did Capella also commit in the United States? 

A missed opportunity: Fr. Thomas Rosica should have brought up Monsignor Carlo Capella who is wanted by Canada on child pornography charges 

The other day, Fr. Thomas Rosica CSB, interviewed Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State for the Holy See at the Congress for "sexual abuse" of minors and young people at the Gregorian. Unfortunately, over the two and a half minute interview, Fr. Rosica did not mention the status of Monsignor Carlo Capella. A huge missed opportunity after Fr. Hans Zollner, S.J., brushed off a journalist the other day at the phony "sex abuse" conference being held at the Gregorian. 

To this date, the Vatican has not commented on cooperating with Canadian authorities in extraditing the pervert-priest. THis refusal is very disturbing. It means the Vatican and its phony "sex abuse" conference is nothing but an elaborate sham. 

FOUR HUGE questions hang over Capella: 1) Just how big is the pedophile organization that he belongs to? 2) What was the Vatican diplomat, Capella doing in Windsor, Canada? Was he there on diplomatic business? At which church did he download and distribute child pornography? Do the police have the IP addresses to where he sent the child pornography? 3) Who received the child pornography? Priests, bishops, cardinals? Just what kind of a child pornography network would a high powered diplomat belong to? 4) How much money has Capella spent in accessing child pornography? Can police trace his financial online activity? Have they? 

A final question: Just WHO ELSE in the Catholic Church is involved in child pornography? 


Anonymous said...

Yeah well what was he doing in Detroit in 12/16? Windsor is Detroit border town known for drugs and strip clubs:

Budding Weed Scene

One of the more positive reviews I came across pegged Windsor as a "poor man's Amsterdam" with its abundance of weed and strip clubs.

There's some truth to that assessment. Windsor recently opened up the largest vapor lounge in North America—and possibly the world, said owner Jon Liedtke, 27.


link from article above


Windsor, Ontario: Formerly the automotive capital of Canada — now a gay tourist attraction?

Don’t scoff. The local tourism bureau believes it’s a title our region should be striving for.

Windsor-Essex courts gay, lesbian tourism market
Travel Gay Canada says LGBT tourism is a $73-billion market


Anonymous said...

Could he be used to set up someone by sending this sick stuff to an innocent person? To make someone they want to harm appear guilty?