Sunday, 17 May 2015

St. Mary of Jesus Crucified ~ another Carmelite nun is canonized!

"Humility is happy being nothing, she is not attached to anything, and she is never tired of nothing. She is glad, happy, always happy, satisfied in everything… Blessed are those who are small!” 
St. Mary of Jesus Crucified

Today, there is great rejoicing in the Church and the Carmelite world, as well as Carmel supporters, and lovers of the Carmelite spiritual way of life. Holy Father Francis canonised Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified, born Mariam Baouardy into a Greek-Melkite family on January 5th, 1846 in Galilee.

In June, 1867, Mariam joined the Carmel of Pau, and lived a life of suffering, united to her Crucified Lord. She was awarded accordingly for her love and fidelity to Love Himself. The Crucified Jesus granted Sister Mariam the gift of prophecy. St. Mary was also instrumental in establishing the Carmel of Bethlehem; shortly afterwards, she died aged 32.

St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, pray for us

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