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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Immodesty and the need for purity

There are many arguments why the closing Glasgow Games contained grossly immodest performances. My dear friend, Susan Fox provides a serious reflection on immodesty. It is tragic to see so many people who claim to be Christian, yet support such gross immodesty. Again, i ask: would our Lady dress immodestly, would Our Lord attend such vulgar performances? 


Freyr said...

I am tired. I find myself confronted with an assortment of people who are in a state of agitation or anxiety over something or other. Most of the time they cannot understand why I do not share their feelings. Sometimes it involves a news report or a television program and I am told that if only I see it I will understand. Usually watching these things involves some internet searching as I do not have cable. My television experience consists of old movies, sitcoms and the occasional news program. Much of my news consumption consists of print media assembled by the Google news aggregator.

I have not watched the Glasgow games or any of the ceremonies nor would I even wish to. Apparently the measure of my Christianity is to be my reaction to a performance at these games. Not jumping on the bandwagon with all the fervor of a crusader is tantamount to apostasy? Sorry... I'm not buying that.

I try to listen because I know that at the root of much of this anxiety is a desire to be heard. But you need to know that I am not here to pay heed to the myriad of voices pulling me this way and that. The only one who can judge whether my Christianity is a sham is the one who purchased me with blood.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...


Your Christianity is not a sham, not at all, just because you can't get excited about all issues. Each to his own taste said the old lady as she kissed the cow. Or the discernment principle, something may be good, but not good for you.

However, with all due respect, Jesus also purchased the blood of our sisters who are used and wounded by immodestly, pornography, prostitution and promiscuity. And that was the point of the Witness' Glasgow piece.

Our sisters lives are destroyed by these things.You do not need to look at the Glasgow pictures. I checked the link, it was far more horrible than your blog showed. If you looked at the faces of the women performing (I know few men did), they were plainly not joyful. The images were absolute debauchery, and I am not a Rosary rattling little old lady with a black hankie on my head. I do humbly pray the Rosary, but other than that I don't fit the stereotype.

The horror of the Glasgow games is that Catholics watched the ending ceremonies, which were utterly debauched, and thought it was no big deal. No only did they watch it, but they also brought their children to it. Where are the priests from the pulpit condemning this fact?

Should we quietly allow the world to sink into the abyss? Should we close our eyes and hope the God, who died for all men and dare I say all women, will not hold us responsible for not at least speaking about the virtue of chastity on our blogs?

God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com