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Monday, 4 August 2014

August 4th, 2014 - the British Empire declares war on the German Empire to hang the Kaiser "under the Linden tree"

On this day, following the German Empire's invasion of Belgium, the British Empire declared war.  Pope Benedict XV, the Pope of Peace was consistently ignored and shouted down by the various imperialists who were literally, hell bent on war. 

David Lloyd George, the British PM, even campaigned on the slogan "hang the Kaiser". To further distinguish himself, along with his French masonic colleague, Georges Clemenceau, he worked might and main to try to block the resurrection of Catholic Poland after the Great War, as well as ensure that Catholic Bavaria was not joined with Austria, but would remain under Prussian hegemony. The British and French got their Anchluss and more besides. Lloyd George ended his "illustrious" career lauding the new German Chancellor, Der Fuhrer. The rest is history....  

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