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Friday, 15 November 2013

Cardinal Bartolucci on the Second Vatican Council, the New Mass and the destruction of the Liturgy

From the New Liturgical Movement blog; an interview of the recently deceased Cardinal Bartolucci. What follows is a deeply disturbing account of rupture between the Council and the post-conciliar innovators.

What was the intention of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council? How did they change liturgical music?

The Fathers of the Council had no intention of changing the liturgy, and therefore also (did not intend to change) sacred music in its relationship to it, and in its form, which indeed were both confirmed in the post-Conciliar period. Pope Pius XII had begun the reform of Holy Week, but in Mediator Dei had also expressed clear indications and laid out the principles for an authentic understanding of the liturgy, which were unfortunately disregarded later on. Also, knowing John XXIII, I am sure he would not have permitted all the changes which have extremely impoverished the liturgical life of the Church. I personally recall that the Sistine Choir sang very often during the assemblies of the Fathers, and the applause and approval which it received were the most profound testimony of how we were appreciated for our role in the liturgy....

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