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Saturday, 16 November 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Fr. Matthew Despard suspended

We have received reports in the press that Fr. Matthew Despard has been suspended from priestly ministry. A full report will be carried by Montfort later on Sunday, after he obtains further reports from his contacts on the ground in Motherwell. 

This blog supports the courageous stance taken by Fr. Despard against the homosexual mafia that has infiltrated, and is in the process of decimating the local Church in Scotland. 

Much more to follow, as the information flows in ....


Freyr said...

What information? The truth has pretty much been kicked to the curb here in favor of feeding the beast. First of all anyone who has not read Fr. Despard's book should just refrain from commenting on it. You are blowing wind. Secondly, any and all allegations should be the subject of a serious investigation by competent authorities. Trial by blogger and combox is a waste of time. said...

I have just learned of the shocking news regarding the suspension of Father Despard...WHY, WHY, WHY?

I will refrain from further comment until we learn of the reason for this unconscionable decision. May "the powers that be" realize what a mistake they have made. I will keep Father Despard in my prayers!!

Isabell McGarry CPS CAM
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

Montfort said...

It would seem that Fr. Despard's accounts of homosexuality within his book are based on personal experiences of being propositioned etc.

Freyr said...

And how exactly would you know that? I actually went to the trouble of loading Kindle and looking at their sample of the book. The first four chapters details his interactions with the chancellor and the parish choir director. Homosexuality is not even mentioned. His accounts of homosexuality in the seminary must be in Part Two: The Past. You don't get to read that without buying the book. Have you done so or is this based on second hand accounts and reviews?