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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pope Francis and Msgr. Guido Marini: Brothers in Arms!

His Holiness embraces Msgr. Guido Marini with profound affection at WYD 2013
Much ink was, and is being spilt over the alleged "strained" (let us call it that) relationship between His Holiness and Msgr. Marini. Here, I present a number of screenshots taken over the past few days of Pope Francis with Msgr. Marini manifesting anything but a "strained" relationship, but rather a deep friendship and affection, as one might see between a Catholic father and his loyal son. Any further commentary would be unnecessary.  

The Holy Father and his Master of Ceremonies sharing their joy
with a Brazilian priest
Msgr. Marini awaiting the Holy Father
The Holy Father embraces Msgr. Marini
prior to the Pope's veneration of Our Lady of Aparecida
His Holiness eagerly approaching Msgr. Marini during the
Welcoming of the Holy Father for WYD Rio

Msgr. Marini smiling joyfully upon his shared embrace
with the Supreme Pontiff 

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Virginia Collins said...

I have been for some time an ardent admirer of Msgr. Marini. His expert and reverent direction of the holy liturgies is both beautiful and inspirational. I am happy to see that he and our beloved Pope Francis are happy working together. May this joint endeavor endure for many years to come.
VCollins, IL