Sunday, 9 December 2012

SSPX: the new Mass "is Bad"

There will be no return to unity. The potential positive occasions over the past year seem to have been lost. Bishop Fellay of the SSPX on the 11th of November gave a detailed sermon, which is not only disheartening, but develops a line of a hardening of opposition. Attacking the new Mass, the novus ordo - without even differentiating between a Mass said according to the rubrics (granted, a very rare occurrence) and a Mass said contrary to the norms, displays a schismatic attitude: 

Finally one other condition,, which concerns the Mass this time.  We must accept the validity of the new Mass, but not only its validity.  We would have to accept also its liceity.  We speak about validity when we ask, “does the thing exist?”  A Mass that is celebrated validly means that Our Lord is there.  We are not looking then at the circumstances in which this Mass is said.  Thus a black Mass could be valid.  It is horrible, it is a terrible sacrilege, but, alas, there are priests who celebrate what is called a black Mass.  This Mass is valid.  In citing this shocking example, you understand of course that that is not permitted, that is not licit because it is bad.  “Licit” means permitted because it is good.  We, however, we have observed the ravages caused by this new Mass, we have noted how it was made, for what purpose it was made, for the sake of ecumenism.  And we see the results, the loss of the faith, the empty churches, and we say:  it is bad.  This is how I replied to Rome.  Usually we do not even speak about liceity, we simply say about this Mass that it is bad.  That is enough.

The full sermon may be read here


Freyr said...

Bernard Fellay possesses the holy grail of this legion of episcopal vagi... the Vatican recognizes his consecration as valid but illicit. He can claim that the sacraments he dispenses are valid while at the same time completely ignoring the authority of the church. He can pick and choose amongst the doctrinal documents of the magisterium to his heart's content without ever once having to sit before a CDF tribunal and explain himself. As far as episcopal vagi go, he is king of the hill. Submitting to authority would require that he humble himself.

Freyr said...

“Licit” means permitted because it is good

This is Humpty Dumpty syndrome. Licit means permitted by law.