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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A New Missal

Does any one remember the interim breviary in use in Canada in the early 70's? Those of you who do remember are no doubt laughing and shaking your head. Let me explain. It was a peculiar affair in a package that can only be described as unique. The psalter was a perfect bound book and the propers were contained in a series of booklets. The whole affair was contained in a blue vinyl jacket with side pockets for the booklets. Those of us who had to use the thing found it unwieldy and cumbersome. Is it any wonder that any who had a choice flocked to the American Interim Breviary published by Catholic Book Publishing. This was a properly sewn book with brown leatherette cover containing everything needed to pray the office in one attractive package. I still have my copy on the bookshelf. Where the other one went is anybody's guess.

Fast foreward to the present. Last week they were selling new missals in the back of the church. My response to our associate pastor was "But they all say Novalis on the cover!" We had a few words about liturgical publishing in Canada and I left. The following week I had occasion to wander into the foyer of the church on my way to the parish pasta dinner. Much to my surprise the lady selling Christmas cards informed me that they had just gotten in a quantity of St. Joseph Missals from Catholic Book Publishing. I snapped one up and walked downstairs smiling.

For any who are also looking for a "real" missal, Catholic Book Publishing plans to release a permanent three year missal in a sewn binding with a vinyl cover for $21US plus shipping. No doubt there will be better ones in the future. Perhaps I can even replace my Latin English Novus Ordo booklet? Who knows?


Vox Cantoris said...

I've just ordered a burgundy, leather bound Sunday and Solemnity Missal from the Catholic Truth Society in England. They are producing a daily Missal but it won't be published until at least February.

The Midwest Theological Forum has produced a daily one and it can be had at The Oratory for $65.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Unfortunately, those missals Vox and you have mentioned are in NAB or New Jerusalem translations. Canada uses the NRSV-CE translation for its readings. And the CCCB (Thank God they haven't!), have not included a 3 year full ABC and Weekday I and II cycle missal in their "plans" for the New Translation. Sigh.