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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Toronto District Catholic Schools have been promoting dissent on sexuality for years with encouragement from OECTA

OECTA's endorsement of the homosexual movement
The past few weeks saw the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA) ramp up its militant support of deviant sexual activity. OECTA even displayed two homosexual "rainbow" flags at the union's annual convention. This blog also noticed the strident, secular, pro-abortion OECTA member, Ann Hawkins (OECTA President at the time) tweeting the most obnoxious items, including re-tweeting a call out for abortion at the so-called "women's march". 
Interesting re-tweet by leftist Hawkins promoting neocon warmonger, McCain
It was also passing strange to see Hawkins re-tweet approvingly neocon John McCain and leftists Van Jones and Michael Moore. The tweets and re-tweets seem contradictory, until one digs a bit and realizes that all our troubles are spiritual ones. What is it that unites neocons and leftists? Hatred of Christ. Hatred of Christianity. The Russian authorities are hated in the "West" because for all their failings, they support the resurgence of the Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy is an outspoken enemy of the establishment of a new world order. The Russian State, rather than fighting the Orthodox Church, supports it. Such a "symphony" of Church and State is hated in the "West".  

To translate this hatred of Christ on the local, school level, we see OECTA promoting the grossest of evils. One being homosexuality. 

OECTA marching in the "Gay Pride Parade"
Following on the passing of the GSAs by the trustees, thereby formally betraying Catholic education  - I leave it up to your imagination as to the various possibilities as to why this issue is now being studiously avoided by the Archdiocese. Yet, is this part of a more insidious infestation of the Church, perhaps going to the highest levels? Or, does OECTA have "something" on the Archdiocese? I leave that up to readers to decide. Now to our example. 

Consider the "retreat" conducted a few years ago by a Jesuit Fr. Philip Shano and Toronto-based social worker/therapist, 
John MontagueThe pamphlet promoting the event was entitled  "Seeing with Heart".  

A bit of digging discovered that Mr. Montague is also involved with organizations that dissent from the Magisterium. He is Secretary emeritus of
CALGM (Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry). CALGM is one of a number of dissident organizations. Montague also supports "Fortunate Families"; another organization that dissents from Church teaching on homosexuality. Fortunate Families ties in with three other dissident organizations under an umbrella organization entitled: "Equally Blessed".

The Fortune Families, 2006 review of a Seeing with Heart retreat has a very false notion of the supremacy of conscience in determining a person's behaviour. 

As to Mr. Montague, Xtra, (the militant homosexual newspaper published in Toronto) has this:

John Montague, also a queer counsellor in Toronto, says that Pride is a difficult time for many queers who aren’t accepted by their own families, because they often have to witness other queers who are accepted by family. From moms hugging their drag queen sons to dads showing off their “I love my lesbian daughter” T-shirts. It’s an emotional punch to the stomach for queers who don’t have the luxury of a supportive family. It can depress the hell out of them. 

“They’ll see that and think ‘My parents would never come to this,’” says Montague. “And then they feel worse.” 

I report, you decide. 

Hop forward a few years and you have OECTA openly promoting homosexuality. Surprised? You should not be.

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Anonymous said...

"...the grossest of evils. One being homosexuality."


Sexual orientation is NOT a matter of choice, so it cannot be an issue of morality. Homosexuality is neither good nor evil. It just is.

Barona said...

Behaviour IS a MATTER of choice.