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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Hegelian Fantasy of Thomas Rosica, CSB ~ how a new apostate religion is created by trying to fuse truth and error

Thomas Rosica CSB and ex-priest, arch-heretic Gregory Baum 
Thomas Rosica CSB, has just received an award from a self-proclaimed "communications ministry" office of the Diocese of Brooklyn. Rosica claims that "Francis has rebranded Catholicism". What does he mean? Rosica, further  develops an Hegelian dialectic where he suggests that contrasting positions [theses and antithesis] are "forged" in a "new, better consensus" [synthesis]. Just what are these "contrasting positions" that need to be forged via a "consensus"?

The inability of some media commentators to pigeonhole Francis into a single category is frustrating to some people. Francis does not compromise on the hot-button issues that divide the Church from the secular West – a gap that liberals would like to close by modernizing doctrine. Yet he is also not a Pope for the Catholic Right. For him contrasting positions, held together in tension, loyal to fundamentals but open to the action of the Holy Spirit, are necessary to forge a new, better consensus and the differences make for an honest, open discussion.
The full text may be read here. 


Jonah said...

An Ecclesial "strategy of tension"? This sounds like a spiritual Operation Gladio. Who is running this guy???

Eugene said...

words fail me..I have had personal interactions with this priest and he is not a nice person and yet he is allowed to continue to spread his "catholic lite" stuff ad nauseam...where our shepherds...why do I even ask???