Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Canadian Federal Election and the War on the Unborn, the elderly and the disabled...

"Their mouths are gaping tombs, they use their tongues to flatter. Under their lips the venom of asps is hidden. Their talk overflows with curses and calumny. They run hot-foot to shed blood; havoc and ruin follow in their path..." 
(Romans, 3:11-15)

Pope Francis kissing a baby, May 8, 2013

Pope Francis with the elderly and disabled on
 "Evangelium Vitae" Day, June 16, 2013

"As long as I'm Prime Minister we are not reopening the abortion debate".
Stephen Harper, Conservative

"...our position, as a Party, is we do not open that debate". 
Justin Trudeau, Liberal

"We're resolutely in favour of a woman's right to choose"
Thomas Mulcair, NDP

As the upcoming federal election commences today in Canada, (with Liberal Party mis-leader, Justin Trudeau kicking off his campaign by marching in the gravely sinful Vancouver "Gay Pride" parade), as we recoil from the recent uncovering that the body parts of murdered prenatal infants are sold, traded as mere commodities; as the Supreme Court and Parliament are "preparing" to bring in euthanasia, let us, as Catholics, Christians and men and women of good will soberly assess our options for the elections. It may be that in most Ridings across Canada there is no candidate who can carry the vote of a good, Christian conscience. If that be the case, please ensure to formally refuse your ballot on election Day. 

We should also not forget: Mr. Harper even voted against "Roxanne's Law", a proposal to ban the coercing of women to have abortions (and so, so many are viciously forced to have abortions against their wills!). The Liberals too - virtually all - voted against the Bill. The NDP, under the fascistic Mr. Layton, unanimously. Change "abortion" to "gas ovens" and you quickly see that to vote for a pro-death or even weak kneed MP who will be a lackey of  a pro-death (if not always - how clever! - in theory, but certainly, in fact) Party, is not an option for a Christian. "No man can do evil, that good may come of it" (c.f Romans 3:8).


Suzanne F. said...

You can't refuse your ballot in a federal election. At most, you can cast a blank ballot.

Before you reject your ballot, consult Campaign Life Coalition and check to see if there is or not a pro-life candidate. If yes, support that candidate. In Canada, we don't vote for the party but the MP.

If there is no pro-life candidate in one's riding, then I encourage people to consider running or consider organizing the effort to get one in one's riding. I have contacted the Christian Heritage Party. I am in the process of arranging for someone to run. It requires $1000 and a 100 signatures from voters in the riding.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good for you Suzanne F! Fight on! Susan Fox