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Friday, 25 October 2013

Why doesn't EWTN tell the truth about the Freemason and Slave-owner, George Washington?

Janice Connell and Washingtonian fantasies
Though EWTN does much good work, the station has shifted more towards neocon "Catholicism" over the past few years, with no abatement in sight. 

Last week, Raymond Arroyo, had the authoress Janice Connell on his show, The World Over; where, she pushed her book "The Spiritual Journey of George Washington". Arroyo - either out of shock, ill-advised politeness, or perhaps approval - asked no questions, or challenged a number of preposterous and even idiotic remarks. 

However, this is not a one-off. Connell was at it earlier in 2005 (rebroadcast in 2012) with Doug Keck, repeating the same old panegyric. Not once, did either interviewer bring up the fact that Washington was a Freemason, a devoted Freemason who imbibed on Masonic principles. Washington died a Mason, being buried in Masonic regalia. Not once did either interviewer challenge Connell on the sickening fact that this "humble" and sainted man was also a notorious slave owner, owning over 300 slaves. 

It is time that American Catholics cease indulging in buffoonery over the characters of the men who founded the United States. They were very deeply flawed men who should not be trotted out as demigods. If that country is now in travail it is due to the inherent defects in its foundations: and they are Masonic, not Christian. There are any number of great and holy Americans that EWTN could hold up as a paragon of virtue. George Washington is not one of them.

The full show with Raymond Arroyo is available here. 


TH2 said...

A very good question (in the post title) and a very good post relaying uncomfortable information that needs to be said.

Barona said...

Truth is incumbent upon all men. Just as Americans need to face up to the demons of the past, so too - do all men. Irishmen need to admit to the various IRA criminals who have - and continue to be trotted out as heroes; Englishmen need to admit to the various scoundrels that have wormed their way into the history books as heroes: e.g. the war criminal and slaver, "Sir" Francis Drake. Frenchmen, must confess to the very un-Catholic behaviour of so many of their "most Catholic" kings and so on...

Anonymous said...

The U.S.A just like France Canada and Britain n many other countries were founded n are still under heavy masonic presence. We will not go into full depth analysis as I can write up one hundred pages of details.
As for EWTN, yes they do great work, however it was also founded on masonic principles n is n was greatly funded by major masons.The sisters continue to receive large cash donations from masonic brass.
As for the lay staff and administration, more than half including the so called prolife movement they are themselves members of masonic lodges.
The Franciscan father's well we will not go into detail.The proof is there.