Thursday 2 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop of Motherwell dismisses Carfin Grotto rape allegations as fantasy

Bishop Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell has branded Mr. Pat McEwan an "alcoholic" and a fantasist with regards to the serious rape allegations currently being investigated by the police (though McEwan's version of a meeting with Devine is backed by former child protection advisor, Alan Drape).

As we have revealed here at Witness, the reopening of this case of homosexual sex abuse of a young boy, is consonant with decades long homosexual activity amongst some priests in the diocese. It is also consonant with the very serious allegations of gay cliques, bullying etc., as exposed in Fr. Matthew Despard's book, Priesthood in Crisis

Devine's credibility on these issues is simply naught, given the continued presence on the Motherwell website of a photo of the admitted sexual pervert and moral criminal, Keith Cardinal O' Brien - a man who violated his sacred oath of celibacy, lied, cover-up and disgraced the Sacred Priesthood. 

I ask: what moral crime must a man commit for his photo to no longer be considered worthy to be displayed on the diocesan website? I find Devine's lack of empathy for Mr. Ewan is disgusting, his name-calling of the man shameful, his denial of homosexual activity by priests verging on the delusional. His actions (and not only his) are to continue the same policy of decades: coverup and denial. 

One only needs to consider Archbishop Tartaglia's March 4th statement. The crisis is, contrary to what the Archbishop may claim, a far bigger problem then O'Brien's sad case. The problem is the continuation of homosexual activity amongst the clergy - all covered over with decades of lying, and obfuscation. Just consider the promotion of Fr Paul Milarvie in Glasgow after his admission of homosexual acts. Pope Francis has decided to take action: no new bishops in Scotland, and a full investigation into the grave allegations contained in Fr. Despard's book.

Witness, will not be silent. We will continue to speak loudly, clearly on this issue. Please pray for Scotland and the suffering, holy priests in my Mother country.

From the Daily Record: 

A SENIOR churchman yesterday said an alleged sex abuse victim who claims he was raped at Carfin Grotto is “living in a fantasy world”.

Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell branded Pat McEwan an “alcoholic” and said he doesn’t believe claims he was abused by priests when he was a boy.

In Monday’s Daily Record, Pat, now 63, revealed his harrowing account of sexual abuse when he was just eight.

He claimed two local priests and a senior member of the Catholic Church preyed on him between 1958 and 1961 at addresses in the west of Scotland.

One of the allegations was a brutal rape at a church home while his mother visited the Carfin Grotto shrine across the road.

Police Scotland confirmed they are probing allegations made against two retired priests in their 80s.


Freyr said...

I'm just curious, has anyone actually read this book or are we all relying on second hand accounts in the press? I wouldn't mind reading it personally, but I'm not going to fork out $7.70 for a DRM protected copy from Amazon. Just on the off chance anyone else would prefer to be reading a first hand account instead of lurid and biased media accounts, here's the Amazon link. Perhaps the more affluent and less frugal among you might wish to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Read and believed the book. I am a practicing catholic and I am ashamed to call Joseph Devine a BIshop I find it disgraceful that he should call Pat McEwan a liar because he is an alcoholic. He was not an alcoholic when the abuse happened at 8 years of age. How dare he say it is lies whether the man is an alcoholic or not has nothing to do with the abuse claim. May God have mercy on your soul Joe every recipient of sexual abuse by priests is a liar in your book.

Montfort said...

Philothea on Phire carries an excellent review....