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Monday, 16 April 2012

SSPX-Rome Update: Is there internal strife in the Society?

Andrea Tornielli has just today published at Vatican Insider that Bp. Fellay has sent a discrete note to the other bishops and leading clerics within the SSPX on how to conclude/proceed with the negotiations in a positive manner. Rorate Caeli carries a complete, though unofficial translation of the Tornielli article. Tornielli contends that it is likely the other three bishops are, in varying degrees, opposed to reunion; hence Fellay's concerned approach.  
Fellay, who knows he has within [the Society] a group outspokenly opposed to the agreement (estimated at around 25%, but which includes also the other three bishops, Williamson, Tissier de Mallerais and Galarreta, though with differentiated positions), probably wanted to calm his internal partners on the fact that the canonical setting and the reentry into full communion will take place according to those two conditions already made public by him in the past few weeks. [Rorate caeli translation]
Bishop Fellay meeting Pope Benedict 

An update to the background of the negotiations by Tornielli can be found here.

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