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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Maria Ratzinger: The Pope's Sister - a REAL Teacher

The future Pope with his sister
Maria Ratzinger, Pope's Benedict's sister died in 1991. In his 2012 book "My Brother, The Pope", her other brother, Msgr. Georg Ratzinger speaks of Maria's desire to become a school teacher. Maria - like the entire Ratzinger family - opposed Nazi ideology and this meant making serious decisions that went against the general thrust of society.

A typical classroom under National-Socialism
In Maria's case this meant not attending university to become a teacher, as she would have been obliged to teach Nazi ideology to innocent, young children. In making her heroic decision, Maria put God's interests first and firmly rejected pagan racial and state worship. Maria would not render unto Caesar what was God's.

Maria Ratzinger and Cardinal Ratzinger

Following the War, Maria eventually ended up as Joseph Ratzinger's housekeeper, as he - against his desires - rose through the Church hierarchy.

Yet, what a teacher of children she would have been. Or, in an even greater way, what a teacher she was to all of us, by teaching through example. Her greatest lesson to us all is a Christian life well lived. Maria Ratzinger, pray for us.


Robert Allender said...

The statue shown in the photograph
of Maria Ratzinger & Cardinal Ratzinger
must have been important
to them. What is it? It appears
to resemble an animal, a cat,

Barona said...

Pope Benedict is a well known cat lover. When Cardinal, he did have a feline pet in the Vatican.

hanapaa said...

Anybody out there know what religion the popes sister Maria Ratzinger, was? And how do you know that? Could you please reference a site?

Barona said...

The entire family was - and those alive remain - Catholic. You can read the interesting interview "Salt of the Earth" by then Cardinal Ratzinger, for some interesting background to the family.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the exact date Maria Ratzinger, Pope Benedict's sister, died in 1991?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell if Maria Ratzinger ever married? If yes who was or is her husband? Any children to continue the Ratzinger family?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me in what order all the siblings were born like who is the oldest and a year please.