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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Little Civility Please

Anyone who has spent time reading blogs has noticed a serious lack of civility in the comment section. Somehow anonymously typing at a keyboard allows people to say things that they would not dream of were they meeting face to face. Moreover, the lack of visual and audio cues present in normal conversations allows the reader to simply assume the worst. With the best of intentions things can go terribly wrong simply because we are not familiar with this new medium. With less than honorable intentions things can get really nasty. There are some blogs and comment boards I avoid because of the sheer number of trolls and hateful comments. I think we can be better than that.

At Witness we do not want to ever forget that there are real flesh and blood people behind these posts and comments.

The blog Te Deum laudamus is running a series of articles and discussions that will examine these issues more closely. An examination of conscience for online behavior is certainly welcome so I urge you to check out Catholics in the Combox

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