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Friday, 13 March 2015

Why the silence?: A Open Letter in defense of Mary Wagner sent to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch etc. will be ignored by these evil, pro-abortion organizations

The Foundation Pro-Right to Life sent an open letter in defense of Mary Wagner, directed to organizations working for human rights: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

We should not be fooled. Human Rights Watch could be more accurately be called "Human Death Watch". This evil organization has this to say about abortion: "However, equitable access to safe abortion services is first and foremost a human right".  Amnesty International likewise supports the killing of babies. "Being able to make our own decisions about our health, body sexuality and reproductive life is a basic human right. Yet all over the world, many of us are persecuted for making these choices – or prevented from doing so at all. That's why we've launched our global campaign: My Body, My Rights".

From the Letter:

Mary Wagner is a calm, gentle and humble woman who for the fact that she peacefully defends human rights, is in prison. This prison is not to be found in China or North Korea. It is located in Toronto, Canada.

To make matters worse, Wagner was arrested on December 23 last year and spent Christmas behind bars. Previously, she had already been there nearly two two years. She has wronged no one.  She has only fought for the human rights of the defenseless. She felt that she had the duty to protect the lives and health of pregnant women and unborn children.

Therefore, she went to abortion clinics in Toronto, knowing that this could result in arrest. She considered it her duty to the women and the children that this prevails over the obligation to comply with a court order that forbade unauthorized persons approach these abortion clinics. This temporary injunction was issued 20 years ago to protect the clinics of the late abortionist, Henry Morgentaler. Currently, this injunction is used to protect the entire abortion industry.

Morgentaler repeatedly broke Canadian law by performing abortions which were then illegal. Then, the court relied on the "state of necessity." However, with Wagner, justice does not accept a similar line of defense. Instead, it maintains and defends an outdated and unjust order, which is aimed at silencing debate.

The Canadian justice system treats Wagner as if she is a dangerous criminal. Her legal team was not allowed the right to use expert testimony in her defense. Seen in this manner, the treatment of Wagner shows Canada violating her right to freedom of speech, conscience, and freedom of expression; as well as women's rights to information and the right to life of the unborn child.

If Wagner impeded the functioning of a pharmaceutical company or university that performs research on animal fetuses, there would almost certainly be a more positive media and judiciary position in Canada. 

Instead, it is ignored by the same media that enthusiastically reports on the activities of half-naked activists of the Femen organization, known for its interfering with a variety of events in different countries. When they are arrested, the media attentively report and demand the release of the women.

In the case of Amina Sboui (pseudonym Amina Tyler), then a member of Femen from Tunisia, Amnesty International (AI) wrote: "Imprisonment for such behavior, even if considered by some to be offensive, would be disproportionate and incompatible with the obligations arising from the Tunisian respect for human rights and the protection of freedom of expression ".

Amnesty International even added that the allegations appeared to be politically motivated. Philip Luther of Amnesty International said that "imprisonment for anyone because of the expression of [their views] is actually disproportionate." Human Rights Watch pointed out that the "Sboui action, regardless of whether it is an offense according to the Tunisian Penal Code, or not, should not entail pre-trial detention. "

But what about freedom for Wagner, are the laws and politically motivated allegations against her? The time has come for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations to prove that their rhetoric coincides with their activities.

Original source: Niedziela. 

(translation: Barona)

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