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Sunday, 1 March 2015

BREAKING from POLAND: Archbishop Depo of Czestochowa:"In the face of evil, there can be no tolerance..."

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H. E. Archbishop Waclaw Depo blessing Mary Wagner

His Excellency, Waclaw Depo, the Archbishop of Czestochowa, and Custodian of the Marian Shrine of Jana Gora, has denounced evil and its false pomps in no uncertain terms. In a sermon on the 28th of February, the Archbishop spoke these words: 

"Satan is God's greatest enemy and he is our greatest enemy... why does he hate us? Because he sees in us the image and likeness of God. Satan is the father of  lies and hatred, but God is the Father of Truth and Love...."

"Against Satan's lies, evil, and sin there can be no tolerance and let us speak that loudly and clearly, even those who today claim to be modern people, supposedly liberated from religious beliefs. Let us say that you are wrong. Never, never tolerate this. Tolerance may be against the wicked, as a person, but not to his sin". 

"The Church prays constantly for sinners, because She believes that they can receive the grace of conversion, that this grace can implore any one of them; so once again I plead: let us pray for those who have fallen away from God and his commandments..."

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