Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The EU declares war on the Catholic Church ~ politicians have become the declared enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The European Union, a veritable modern day incarnation of the ancient Roman Empire is acting more and more like its predecessor with its latest attempts to enshrine grave evils, such as abortion and contraception as "human rights". These various "ideologies of evil" (as Pope John Paul II once referred to "same-sex marriage"), are based on a false anthropology, which comes from a false agnosticism, even atheism.  

The foundation of the human person is God, our beginning and our end. If that is got wrong, the entirety of the person will be misread. A "right" is a power that perfects us towards our final end (Heaven). As such, no man has any "right" to that which misleads us from our end. We do not have a "right" to sin, to commit evil. Even if we do not recognize a given action or thought as sinful, we still have no right to it. Yes, God has given us free will, He does allow us to choose evil, but we have no "right" to evil. In choosing evil, we gravely endanger our eternal salvation. 

The power of the State should be used to maintain the common good, in accordance with right morality. This is, and has always been Catholic doctrine. Tolerance can only be invoked if it avoids a greater evil.  For example, protestant sects can be tolerated though objectively they have no right to exist. The Catholic Church sees it far wiser to win over our separated brethren through the example of the holy lives of her children. If protestants are not being won over, then it may be time for Catholics to reassess themselves before Christ the King. 

To return to the latest abominations coming from the European "Parliament". It is imperative that Catholics awaken to the realization that the State is not our friend; the State (let us call it "Caesar") is in fact very unfriendly to Christianity and to Catholicism in particular. In Ontario, Caesar has recently announced that deviant sexual behaviour will be forced upon innocent children. This is not the action of a friend of Our Blessed Lord, but the action of an inveterate enemy. Yes, Our Lord does have enemies. Not every one is His "friend". In fact, I can't think of one leading politician who could be counted as a friend of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Can you? Catholics need to realize this, and prepare themselves for their own Good Fridays, which may not be too far in the future. For some, Catholics, they have their own Good Friday already. 

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