Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pope Francis denounces "gender theory" and cohabitation: where is the Holy See Press Office? Why are they censoring the Pope?

The Holy Father did indeed denounce gender theory.....!?

No, he just had a meeting with youth....!

More censoring by the Holy See Press Office of Our Holy Father, Pope Francis!

On March 21st, 2915, Our Holy Father, in Italian, again denounced the evil ideology that is destroying society and families: gender ideology. 

Then there is the ideological colonization of families, methods and proposals that are in Europe and also overseas. Then that mistake of the human mind that is gender theory which creates a lot of confusion. So the family is under attack.

All of this begs the question: where is the Holy See Press Office? Why are they not issuing translations in major languages of the world? And why are they issuing severely truncated versions, and downright FALSE versions? 

Why are they erasing all and any references to the obvious increasing opposition of the Holy Father to the Adulterist and Homosexualist Parties positions, as advocated by the innovators in the scandalous and heretical mid-term relatio

The censored English version, eliminating all reference to the evils of gender theory, and cohabitation before marriage may be read here. 

From Vatican News ( screenshots (in respectively Italian, Spanish and English show the insidious manipulation by the Holy See Press Office. Readers can see for themselves that only the Italian version mentions gender theory. 


Lee said...

Hi Barona, I hope you don't mind but I borrowed and linked to this article. One of my primary focusses right now has to do with confronting the diabolical " gender theory " ! This, I believe, is a death blow for many souls.

ps great work by the way, I read your blog daily

Lee said...

One more note, this also begs the question, where are our local Bishops? They seem complicit in this diabolical " gender theory " curriculum that will be fed to our children this September.

Barona said...

Lee, Thanks for spreading far and wide this very serious issue. I don't mind in the slightest that you borrowed and linked.

What annoys me is thirds party news agencies that copy and paste from people who have borrowed from me my Polish translations and not credited me, or linked to me.

Barona said...

Our local bishops have sold out. Even if they remove the 2015 program, the evil of 1998 remains; children are still fed spiritual poison (with a silent episcopate standing by...).