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Monday, 16 March 2015

Patricia Jannuzzi: Catholic teacher of 33 years suspended by Immaculata High School for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexuality

Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound "crisis of truth"? 
St. Pope John Paul II

Patricia Jannuzi's FB post
Patricia Jannuzzi, a Catholic who upholds the teachings of the Catholic Church on morality, has been suspended by the school she taught at for the past thirty-three years. Her "crime", her great "sin"? She did not sexually molest anyone, she did not commit a crime - all she did was articulate her opposition to homosexual activity and state that children actually need a father and a mother (Catholic common sense).  Immaculata High School of New Jersey, after receiving complaints from a number of individuals that Jannuzzi posted on her Facebook Page statements that opposed the evil of "same-sex marriage", suspended the very experienced teacher, and forced her to close her Facebook account. First Things carries a review of the tragic situation. 

The silencing of a Catholic for loyalty to the Magisterium is very, very grave.  From a civil perspective she has been deprived her rights of freedom of speech and expression, (as well as Catholics inhibited in judging for themselves what was said). From a Divine perspective, it simply means that loyalty to Christ is now an offense (according to what is more and more openly revealing itself as the "church" of Sardis), that will lead to silencing, perhaps even dismissal from one's job. This is "dry" martyrdom. 

Hatred being expressed by a man who self-identifies as
homosexual towards Patricia:she is a "nightmare dumpster human"
I encourage Catholics to read the comments addressed to Mrs. Jannuzzi: some seething with hatred towards her, and displaying utter ignorance of Church teaching. Shame on the bishops and priests to have allowed such corruption to enter Catholic schools! 

Sample of a comment against Patricia 
You will notice: all these dissidents portray the typical attitude of the liberal. Sweet and nice when you agree with them, but if you dare to say something contrary to their ideology, the "dove" changes into a hawk; out come the talons to tear you to pieces. So they have done so with our sister in the Faith, Patricia Jannuzzi. 

In his last book, prior to his death, our now sainted Pope John Paul II, directly addressed the issue of "same sex marriage", and termed it "AN IDEOLOGY OF EVIL". We must presume that the cowards - cowering before the juggernaut of sexual perversion - who run this school (daring to use the sweet and holy title of "Immaculata"!) would censure and denounce our saint as well. One wonders what they think of St. Paul or St. Jude? 

Catholics would do well to review the letter that was issued by the school and the school's spiritual advisor, Msgr. Seamus F. Brennan. It is very saddening to note that a churchman signed his name to a letter which claims that Our Lord is "welcoming of all people". Welcoming of what? 

Another example of opposition to Patricia teaching Catholic
truth at Immaculata High School
They signatories to the letter claim they uphold Our Lord Jesus Christ; but then to confuse the sinner and the sin by stating that Our Lord was ""welcoming of all people", is false. To then further claim that following Our Blessed Lord is being "intolerant" of so-called  "discriminatory behavior" is again  disingenuous and  absolutely false. Yes, Our Blessed Saviour loved all men, even His executioners; the Salvific Offering of His Sacrifice is available for all, but only "many" will avail themselves of it. Our Lord does not force people to love Him. Sadly, there are people in this world who hate Our Lord and His Church. To confuse being and acting is a grave philosophical error. What one is, is very different then what one does. That we are all created in God's image and likeness is true, but that we all sin is equally true. "sin is with us, if we deny that we are cheating ourselves, it means that truth does not dwell in us" (1 John, 8).  

The scandalous letter announcing that Our Lord is intolerant of
"discriminatory behaviors"; as well as Patricia Jannuzzi's suspension

The sinner needs to repent and confess. Our Lord's approach to the woman caught in adultery is our example: He was ruthless with the sin, but gentle with the repentant sinner. To the contrary, this letter is ruthless with opposition to "same-sex marriage", and seemingly homosexual behaviour, but falsely gentle towards being inclusive towards sin. At no time does the letter mention the Catechism of the Catholic Church on homosexuality.  

St. John the Beloved, who wrote so much about the love of God, equally wrote about sin. God is a God of love: yes! But He is also a God of Doctrine! Without doctrine, love is a false sentimental notion leading down the wide and easy path to Hell. "The man who commits sin violates order, sin of its nature is disorder...the man who lives sinfully takes his character from the devil.... if a man is born of God he does not live sinfully" (1 John, 4-9). 

As to "sensitivity awareness", I am not aware of it when Our Lord dealt with the "brood of vipers" (Mt 23:33); or St. Paul: "that is why God abandoned their lustful hearts to filthy practices...God abandoned them to their passions... practicing vileness with their fellow man" (Rm: 24-27); or St. Jude: "so with Sodom and Gommorah... pursued unnatural lust, they bear for our warning, their sentence of eternal fire" (Jude, 7).  


Anonymous said...

Barona, you have done justice for this sister of ours. What a crime against her!

May the LORD pour out his comfort and grace upon her.

So much for a year of mercy, eh? Oh wait, it's not begun yet. My bad.

Joseph Domenico

Sophie said...

I just finished reading The Last Battle in The Chronicles of Narnia. This situation, and all like it, reminds me of the scene in the book where all the Dwarves (who at one time were assumed to be good in Narnia) who had gone through the stable door still thought they were in the stable, however, were in Aslan's Country. The children wanted to help the Dwarves realize that they were not in the stable, which was cold, dark and dirty, but Aslan showed the children that no matter what he did for them the stable was in their mind and he could not force them out of it no matter how much goodness he put in front of them.

I realize now that people will always live in the darkness no matter what truth we put in front of them, which makes their blindness all the more terrible when the moment comes and they meet their Judge.

Anonymous said...

How tragic, but Catholics lost the battle when a notorious university removed their Crucifixes not to 'offend' an equally notorious politician. They chose Caesar over God. Is it any surprise that other schools now follow suit?

Anonymous said...
Her family has started a fund:
Concerned parents of 2 Catholic Teachers

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I live on the west coast and do not know Patricia but I am also an orthodox Roman Catholicwho believes and follows magisterial teaching. please check out this Facebook page that is trying to garner more support for her....and please be sure to share it with everyone you know. Thanks

Anonymous said...

All of you so-called Catholics....if you live discriminating against anyone, you simply do not understand what it means to be a Christian. We do not have the right to judge anyone. Grown-up. And to anyone who helps Mrs. Jannuzzi financially...she did this to herself. I applaud Mrs. Kline

Barona said...

Our Lord will judge, yes indeed. But to state a sin is a sin, is not discrimination. Was Our Lord discriminatory because He told the adulteress to "go and sin NO more"?

Anonymous said...

It's her opinion, it's not like she was running around executing homosexuals. Your comments are very judgmental, funny how that works.

Anonymous said...

She was mixing Catholicism with politics. Pure and simple. If you saw all of her posts from the past year and not just the one that was circulating, you would not be supporting her.