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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Polish Archbishop being sued by militant feminist for preaching against the evils of abortion, sexual immorality...

Preach the word, be instant in season, out of season, reprove, entreat,
 rebuke in all patience and doctrine
(2 Timothy, 2:4)

His Grace, Archbishop Jozef Michalik, of the Archdiocese of Przemysl, will have a Court hearing tomorrow, on the 12th of March. He is being sued by a strident, militant feminist for slander and defamation. The Archbishop's "crime", his "sin"? For daring to proclaim from the pulpit that sin is sin, that God does not change, that evil remains evil. 

The highlight from the sermon may be heard here. 

From the Archdiocese of Przemysl: 

Archbishop Jozef Michalik in his sermon in Wroclaw on 16 October 2013. Had the right, and when viewed from the perspective of the Church's mission even an obligation, to refer critically to immoral lifestyle trends.

He said : "Many today say and rightly so about the reprehensible abuse of adults against children. This kind of evil you shall not tolerate, but no one dares to ask about the reasons, no television station is fighting against  pornography, with the promotion of false, selfish love between people.

No one is recalling that children suffer the lack of love by divorcing parents, and these are painful and long-lasting wounds.Before our eyes, we see the promotion of a new gender ideology. Already several major universities in Poland introduced lectures on this new and very clear ideology, whose programs are advised by the most aggressive Polish feminists, who for years have scoffed at the Church and traditional ethics, promote abortion and fight with the traditional model of family and marital fidelity. "

(translation: Barona)

UPDATE [2015-03-12; 11:25 a.m.]: The court case will be put over until April 9th, for another hearing from both sides. 


Thomas Lewis said...

Bravo, courage is little found in Europe these days. Being sued by Feminist means that you must be doing something right, for most Femisnist are generally poorly educated women, whose moral thermometer reads zero, and who perverse behavioral thermometer is immerserable. So hurray for the Bishop. Feminist are out of the ordinary and found to be NOT typical, but rather dedicated hardcore members of the World Communist Movement.

Anonymous said...

No Bishop in North America would dare to repeat this truth because it is too, too politically incorrect.