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Friday, 6 March 2015

Canadian Religious Conference ~ National Gathering in Toronto at Loretto College to be addressed by dissident LCWR Past-President, Carol Zinn, SSJ.

Sr. Carol Zinn (centre, in street clothes) being "blessed"
by two unidentified women wearing chasubles

Photo CNS/Tennessee Register
The Canadian Religious Conference, recently brought to international attention due to Fr. Timothy Scott's CSB, continued involvement with it at the Board level (following his disgustingly obscene tweet against Raymond Cardinal Burke), deserves closer scrutiny as to what its theology is. This organization claims to be the nexus point for Canadian religious congregations across Canada. I encourage readers to visit their website to determine for themselves its degree of  orthodoxy.

This post shall merely confine itself to pointing out that at the upcoming National Gathering, which will be held at Loretto College, in Toronto, the keynote address will be given by Sr. Carol Zinn,, SSJ, Past-President of the LCWD, well known for its dissent from Church teachings. 

Ursuline sister, Sharon Sullivan welcoming
LCWR members in 2014
Photo: CNS/Tennessee Register
At the 2014 LCWD annual meeting Zinn spoke these words: 

Are we singing with full voice, the ways in which God's creation and Christ's body cry our for justice, inclusivity, compassion? 

Perhaps we're singing in muted tones the authentic and radical message of the Gospel and the vision of a Second Vatican Council church as the People of God, all the People of God, walking together. 

Maybe we're merely humming the evolution of human consciousness as a holy sign of the times and the emergence of new expressions of religious life as manifestations of the Spirit. Possibly we're only lip-syncing the theological insights that speaks God's word, anew, reminding us that everything is already One. 

Likely, we're only whispering that Oneness from within and beyond the national world to the most meaningful and sacred relationships, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or belief system."

and further on: 

"All that we know about this life must be held lightly so conversion of worldview, ideology, ecclesiology and theology of this life in view of the God of the Future can emerge". 

Readers can draw their own conclusions as to the meaning of sister's words. 

Given this is public information, how can the Canadian Religious Conference not know? Why is Loretto College allowing this? Is Cardinal Collins aware of this? What will be done? Just how are all these dissident groups inter-related? 

Remember, it was Loretto College that hosted in the past, dissenters who were open proponents of the ideology of priestesses, and the monstrous horror of abortion. 

Yes, this is bad news, very bad news. But there is a silver lining:  less than one percent (1%) of religious orders in Canada have members under the age of forty. God will not be mocked.

Recommended Reading: CDF document on the LCWR 


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good let the false religious orders die out. The God of the future can emerge? That's satan, pure and simple. God's self revelation is contained in the Person of Jesus Christ who saved us by His Incarnate Life Death and Resurrection reported in the gospels and the Oral Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. There is no God of the future. God is always present. I AM WHO AM. Pure being, pure existence. These orders of nuns will die out. God be praised. God bless you. God bless Canada. Susan Fox

John Laws said...

Note carefully that the L in LCWR stands for Leadership. Recall also the the LCWR recently faced off the Vatican and came away grinning. Before they die out, these well-placed and ambitious subversives will have 1) corrupted another generation of girls and young women with feminist/gender ideology; 2) psychologically and spiritually abused another generation of boys and young men; and 3) filled the seminaries with another generation of pagan and sexually confused boys and young men. Although they are few, they have striven to insinuate themselves as gatekeepers, kingmakers, and saboteurs throughout Catholic institutions - particularly academia. They may die out, but their corrupt progeny have been carefully groomed and placed as the power elite of "Future Church". Along with "innocent as doves" we are exorted to be "wise as serpents".

Anonymous said...

CRC are wacko:

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

In this day and age, when people routinely live past age 90, it will take a lot of time for the 'biological' solution to work itself out. There is really little to be joyful about as regards the decadent state of religious life in Canada.