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Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Vox of "Vox Cantoris" is interviewed with Italian media: "Nothing is more important than the Catholic Faith as given to us by Our Blessed Lord..."

Mr. David Domet, the "The Vox" of the most prominent Catholic blog in Canada, Vox Cantoris,  has been interviewed by "From Rome:

Q. The Catholic world is gladdened to hear today that Fr. Rosica has decided not to take legal action against you, for your public criticism of his positions at your now famous blog,Vox Cantoris. As one of those who would like to know more about this sad episode, I am honored that you have consented to be interviewed by the From Rome blog:

Q: Let us begin, therefore, with the facts of the case. When and how did you receive the threat of legal action, what Fr. Rosica now calls, the cease and desist letter?

Mr. Domet:  Well, it clearly did not seem to me as a “cease and desist letter” which could have been written by him without the aid of one of Toronto’s most expensive law firms (though he does state the work was “pro bono; the fees to my Solicitor are certainly not, I’ve already paid her a retainer, as is just). The letter was quite clear on its demands and what was more astounding was the continued threat of a lawsuit even had I complied with their demands which I was not prepared to do. I was at lunch on Tuesday, February 17, the day before Ash Wednesday with a colleague and it came across my smartphone. Suffice to say, after reading it, lunch was over. The letter is available on line at my blog, people can read it and draw their own conclusions.

Read the full interview here. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

This is very good news. I agree with David Domet. The clergy do sometimes abuse the laity with advice about being humble and submissive. There's a time for that, but that is not always the solution, especially if it means that the clergy will get away with abuse themselves. I think this was the way the sex abuse scandal was kept under cover for many decades. Families of abused children were advised to keep the abuse quiet so that the scandal would not destroy the Church. This thinking did not please Our Lord, so He ripped the whole thing out into the open Himself. God bless you. Susan Fox