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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Voris is right! - "They" are trying to pit Francis against Benedict

Michael Voris has a very interesting video out, well worth watching. Voris suggests that the secular media is trying to exploit unimportant differences in Papal style (e.g. the colour of His Holiness' shoes) to eventually differences in doctrine. Voris is correct. 

To video the video, click here
Moreover, Pope Francis has struck back at the media over the past two days with his public references to Benedict: his warm public embrace of Benedict at Castel Gandolfo, his reference that they 'are brothers", his gift of the Madonna of Humility, his insistence that they pray together in the Papal Chapel, his development of Benedict's meditation on the Cross as a Throne in today's Palm Sunday Homily. 

A change in style does not indicate a change in doctrine. Pius X "scandalized" many faithful with his innovation that he no longer dine alone. Pius brought to the papacy the experiences of a bishop with vast pastoral experience; likewise Francis. 

Unlike the apostate Archbishop of Canterbury, who is at the beck and call of his Synod, deciding "doctrine" on personal feelings; Pope Francis is bound by the Gospels and Tradition (e.g. the Councils). Even if he wanted to (I say this for the sake of argument), he could not change Church teachings. Can a Pope err, is he impeccable? In fact, the Pope alluded to himself being a sinner like the rest of us in his Palm Sunday sermon. But he is infallible in matters of Faith and Morals. Long live Pope Francis!

p.s. On a personal note, I would rather the Pope wear a pair of "Church's". You can get a good 10 years out of them; and they are incredibly comfortable. 

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