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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pope App Not Infallible

I like to keep abreast of news from the Vatican so today I downloaded three apps for my Android 4.0 tablet. The much vaunted Pope App proved to be the one most likely to be uninstalled next time I do housecleaning. It is slow, unresponsive and somewhat bloated at 26mb. For news I will rely instead on the Vatican Insider app from La Stampa. It is primarily a print app although it has some multimedia links which require loading up a browser. While the news was up to date, the multimedia links were all from before the conclave. One hopes that this will improve in the near future. The last little gem is the Vatican Radio app which provides both live and on demand radio programming from Vatican Radio. The on demand English broadcast worked fairly well but the live broadcast was problematical. This is not a problem because the Vatican broadcasts in a multitude of languages on relatively few channels making on demand preferable.

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Barona said...

How can you even possibly consider such things, when they are not traditional?