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Sunday, 31 March 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Fr. Despard to be Suspended for exposing "gay mafia" in priesthood?

Fr. Matthew Despard
This morning, when I read the Daily Record, I was shocked to read of possible action being taken against Fr. Despard for telling the truth about a long standing problem amongst clergy in Scotland: gay bullying, priests breaking their vows of celibacy and committing sodomy; the cover-up of these abominations by the hierarchy. Actions against Fr. Despard will only confirm the truth of his book. What is needed is a transparent investigation into the local Church; not a cover-up. 

A photo of active homosexual Cardinal O'Brien still on the
Diocese of Motherwell website
It therefore comes as NO surprise that the Diocese of Motherwell continues to carry information and a photo of the disgraced Cardinal O'Brien for the Year of Faith.  Would they still carry this photo had he been a rapist, rather than a sodomite? This is absolutely disgraceful.

Forgive me, for it grieves me that I have to report to you on such an issue on Easter Morning. However, this morning we are celebrating the Resurrection of the Eternal High Priest. In defending the priesthood He established, we are also honouring Him. So, in this spirit, I bring to your attention Fr. Despard. We do not know what the future holds for Fr. Despard. I ask you to pray for Fr. Despard and all good Catholic priests in Scotland. The Church, in my motherland, is undergoing a terrible crisis. Please pray for Scotland. 

From the Daily Record: 

THE priest who made explosive claims about gay sexual bullying in the Catholic Church fears he could be stripped of his priesthood, claim friends.

They say details Father Matthew Despard, 48, exposed in his bombshell book Priesthood in Crisis have left senior clerics reeling.

The whistleblower – who said sexual misconduct had been rife in junior seminaries for years – believes the church could turn its back on him. A friend said: “Bishop Joe Devine called diocesan advisers to an emergency meeting to discuss Fr Despard’s claims.

UPDATE: Please see our latest (April 7, 29013) editorial/commentary on the crisis in Scotland


Anonymous said...

Having read the book I am disgusted to find out what gos in in our religion and for a man to be singled out for standing up for what is right is shocking.

Anonymous said...

What a HYPOCRITE Matthew