Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Attacks on Pope Francis are disgusting

His Holiness, Pope Francis
at prayer before the High Altar.
St. Mary Major
Within minutes of his election to the Supreme Pontificate, vile and venom was spewed out upon our new Holy Father. The vile came from the usual suspects: dissenters in sexual morality and faith (abortion supporters, contraceptionists, homosexualists, angry dissident feminists etc., etc.). However, they were also joined by those whom should be the strongest supporters of the Holy Father: angry, suspicious, paranoid soi-disant Catholics. The internet, sadly, was with not lacking in the spreading of false rumours, lies and personal attacks upon our Holy Father as a "modernist", "liberal" and other epithets from those teetering on the verge of schism or perhaps even sedevacantism/apostasy. 

What our Holy Father needs is prayer and loyalty. We, at Witness will do so. We hope you, our readers will do the same. We are not naive: we are well aware that the Church is in a grave crisis. Benedict XVI has spoken and taught about this many times. His good friend, Pope Francis is well aware of this also.  An excellent reflection on these recent happenings can be read over at Fr. Z's blog.

Update: Just as the smear against Pope Benedict was he was a Nazi; so too, the false rumours are that Pope Francis was a fascist. 


Toronto Traditional Mass Society said...

We are greatly disturbed over some of the comments and positions elsewhere by people involved in the movement to restore liturgical tradition. Have the Masses had no affect on the state of their heart, souls and minds?

Are they all lace and no grace?

Let us not commit the sin of rash judgment on our Holy Father. God has not abandoned his Church.

Oremus pro Pontifice Francisco!

Freyr said...

Well, he's got the liberal NCR types and the traditional Rorate Caeli types mad at him already. I can't help but think this is a good sign. Most people who believe the church needs a good shaking up are horrified to find they are the ones being shaken. I am far more evangelical than traditionalist so I am quite pleased that Pope Francis may actually preach the gospel without compromise.

Andrew Malton said...


This is a lovely typo. "Those who condemn themselves out of their own mouths".

Barona said...

Satan cannot get over the success he has achieved in the Church.

Barona said...

Andrew: poynt being? .... Gruner syndrome again.

Andrew Malton said...

My point. Er, soi-disant means "self-described" in an ironical sense, but when I saw the extra -s- I thought it could be read also as "self-dismissing" or "self-disrespecting" (because of the slang verb "diss" with those meanings). And It seemed a very appropriate additional ironic layer. If it was a typo, a happy fault. If it was intentional, very clever.

Sorry, I don't know what "Gruner syndrome" is.

Barona said...

Excellent it was, to use your phrase a "happy faulty"...very clever? no, not according to Freyr! I'll drop the Gruner syndrome... Freyr's speciality.

Stu Piddy said...

Jesus Christ our lord and savior selected this Pope. I'm sure Jesus who is also the Holy Ghost and God the Father and in fact, all things good and evil, selected his representative on Earth to represent.

And Pope Francis is a just man, an honorable who during the time of the Dirty War in Argentina did what he could do without endangering himself and the Church of Christ. He did what Jesus would do. He gave unto the Generals, what was the Generals and to God what was God's.

Just because some left wing crack pots got their babies kidnapped and many Catholic priests like Christian von Wernich actually particpated in the torture (he's in jail now) and just because two other priests seem to claim that Francis turned them over to the Junta to be tortured because they were left wing and Francis was right wing and sympathetic to the generals.....all that doesn't make him a bad person.

He's doing just what Jesus would have done. Jesus would have sided with the generals against a bunch of crackpot leftists who want to give all the hard earned money that capitalisms great capitalists earned and turn it over to a bunch of lazy bum left wingers who didn't want to work for a living and all they ever complain about how they were tortured and imprisoned and beaten and had their babies stolen and dissapeared and all that. Boo Hoo.

BDJ said...

I knew the attacks would start soon based on the Pope's moral positions. The pro-abortion, pro-gay/BI/Lesbian, pro socialist, anti-clerical, anti-Christian crowd cannot abide a true man of God. He is abhorrent to them because he represents Christ and all that He taught. But I am a little shocked at how quickly the attacks started and how flimsy the pretexts are. I guess it is a sign of desperation. They are afraid to let the new Pope have any time to take a moral stand. They want to silence him immediately and cow him into withdrawing behind the Vatican walls. Well, I don't think that will work given Francis' statement that we must "follow the cross" and take the wounded Church "onto the streets". The next few months should be interesting.

BDJ said...


Regarding your comment that "Jesus Christ our lord and savior selected this Pope. I'm sure Jesus who is also the Holy Ghost and God the Father and in fact, all things good and evil..." --I think you meant to say Jesus is all things good, but not evil. Otherwise you are saying that God is both good and evil, which is a heresy akin to Taoism and related to Gnosticism. Perhaps you should correct your post. And please tone down your rhetoric a tad. We are supposed to be charitable on this blog.

Stu Piddy said...

I'm sorry BDJ, your right. In the past heretics were given a chance to repent, before being ex-communicated or burned alive and I thank God that burning people alive no longer is used by the Church, though I'm sure it made people think twice before they said anything and what I need to do is tone down my rhetoric, like you said and think twice.

Charity is a virtue and I know Pope Francis who has been accused of cooperating with the military junta that dissapeared thousands of people and tortured them was a charitable man. Many of these people were communists and as you say they probably were toaists and Gnosticists as well and though the generals were just in their actions and Pope Francis supported them, they too probably needed to tone down their rhetoric.

I will go to church today to pray for the Generals, many of whom I hear are being tried as war criminals in Argentina in hopes that they can be forgiven for their rhetoric and for Pope Francis so that his actions of giving to Ceasars Palace what is Ceasars Palace is not misunderstood as being someone who accomodated the Generals but as someone who understood what they were doing but knew it his heart that their rhetoric was a little over the top.

Thanks for straightening me out. Sorry for the typos, I'm not the well educated. I dropped out of high school when I was a sophmore at an all boys catholic school when....oh never mind.

BDJ said...


No apologies necessary. When I said "tone down your rhetoric" I meant to speak more charitably. However, I'm not sympathetic to communism any more than you are; and I suspect the trials are a witch hunt intended to "pay back" the anti-communists for derailing the communist movement in Argentina. It is no crime to resist communism. It is just that as Catholics, we must be ethical in how we go about it. (Kidnapping people's children is definitely not OK.) :)

Stu Piddy said...

But the children they kidnapped by the Generals were probably raised catholic and anti communist giving them a better chance to live large in eternal life in Heaven and hanging out with the Christ child, the Holy Ghost and God too.

If there parents hadn't been kidnapped and tortured they would have raised those children to be communists and others would join them and they would never experience the joy of eternal as I have being one with Christ.

So sometimes people like the Generals and other anticommunists do good things. It's too bad that Vietnam won the war because now they will never enter the kingdom of Heaven. If we had defeated them we could have made them believe in Christ but thats why I think we should invade them and Russia too but they have nuclear weapons so we have to be careful when we invade.