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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Duchess of Cambridge: "Baby on Board" - So, she IS with CHILD!

Interesting how words are so very important. When society wishes to destroy human life in the womb: dehumanize it through obfuscation and semantics. When those who wish to speak the truth on life, demonize them: as in the case of Lifesite News.  

But it is far more difficult to do so when you are honest about the result of human conception. From the Daily Telegraph

The Duchess, who is five months pregnant, joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Baker Street to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the underground network.
The badges ["baby on board"], available from Transport for London (TfL), are designed to 

overcome the awkwardness often felt by pregnant women of having to ask someone to 

give up their seat.

The full story can be read here

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