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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just what makes a good Pope?

The secular press would have us believe that Cardinals such as their Eminences Dolan and O'Malley are Papabili? Really? I leave to the Boston Catholic Insider to provide a review of the leadership given the Archdiocese of Boston by Cardinal O' Malley. The points are universal enough to apply to any bishop. 

First off, the responsibilities of the successors of the apostles are to teach, sanctify, and govern.  Before anyone continues promoting Cardinal O’Malley for pope–especially those in the media–they should ask themselves, “How would I grade him on those points?” How is he as an episcopal leader? What has his efficacy been as an episcopal leader in these areas and in making the salvation of souls a top priority for the Boston Archdiocese?  This is not about perceived humility. It is not about sense of humor. It is not about resolving sexual abuse cases. It is about efficacy as an episcopal leader and shepherd/leader of the flock to save souls.

The full review may be read here

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