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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Millionaires in Church Chanceries: Why the 6 figure salaries?

Boston Catholic Insider carries a disturbing report on the financial excesses and indulgence of lay employees of the spiritually and financially devastated Archdiocese of Boston. This is truly a deplorable state of affairs; and will become even more so with Pope Francis' efforts for us to concentrate on God's Mercy, and through this Mercy to love and care for our brothers and sisters. One can only hope that any crackdown on the Roman Curia will be extended worldwide to chanceries and their financial corruption. It is an abomination to turn the Church of Jesus Christ into a source of profit and luxurious living - be the individual a cleric or layman. 

One also wonders how much money was wasted over the past 50 or so years "renovating" churches to be "updated"? After all, if appearance is nothing - why spend for meaningless and wasteful changes? 

EWTN carries an extraordinary and exclusive interview with His Holiness whilst still a Cardinal. 

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TH2 said...

I am quite sure that the Boston Archdiocese is the only one in the U.S. that makes the salaries of its employees available to the public. It's an anomaly.

It would be good if other dioceses did the same, including those in Canada. It would be fantastic if Rome, in whatever way, forced/obligated all dioceses to release employee salaries and ancillary information - via a stipulation in canon law, for example.

Would be a great informational tool for helping to expunge all the corruption and apostasy existent in chancery offices today.