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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A diabolical Gaia "Mass" in a Toronto Catholic Church?

 The Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts will be performing the "Missa Gaia" at Holy Name Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Toronto. As will be seen, it is outrageous that a Catholic church be used for a piece of work that draws its inspiration from gnostic pantheism. This underscores the grave crisis in the faith that we have not only in our local Catholic schools, but within the Archdiocese itself. Will Cardinal Collins move to act against this? Ravaging wolves are in the vineyard. I am certain that his Eminence knows nothing about this "Mass", nor its being staged by a "Catholic" school. However, he is being informed of it. Please contact him and ask him to stop it. 

A true Mass is focused on the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross; on the Creator. Missa Gaia, inverts this, by focusing on the created. This is blasphemy. It has been described by James Morton (more on him later) as an "
environmental liturgy". This is devilry.  A review in Ecospirit Journal reads:

In Missa Gaia the second meaning is expressed by means of a monumental initation journey into earth-wisdom [gnosis], a journey that encompasses nearly the entire first-half of the Earth Mass...“Beatitudes” is the answer to “Kyrie eleison,” affirming the blessedness of all of the earth’s inhabitants. The gift of mercy is here within the living earth [not Christ's mercy then!]. The mercy is this spiritualized biosphere. Missa Gala introduces us into a new world-view [pantheistic gnosticism], quite opposed to current scientific materialism or philosophical nihilism.

Paul Winter, (composer) states that the genesis of the project began following an invitation to improvise music with a friend after a sermon at St. John the Divine Cathedral (NYC) on solar energy. The Dean at the time (and also a motivator for Winter), was James Morton (a "sacred ecologist"). In an interview, Morton expressed his blasphemous pantheism, thus: 

 "Lent, for example, is very much about penitence and suffering. I would say, 'Let’s talk about the suffering of the Earth, the passion of water. Let’s talk about Jesus in Earth – God incarnate in the flesh of Earth, the flesh of water, the flesh of the elements of creation and how that creation is suffering – the passion of the creation.' And that was very effective".

Some may argue: but it even contains pieces entitled" Sanctus" etc. . Winter provides much detail into the inspirations behind the "Catholic" titled pieces etc. Sanctus, is, if we are to believe him, about the whale; the Kyrie was "co-composed" with a wolf. There is nothing Catholic, nor even remotely Christian in this work. It is devilry. 

So that there is no misunderstanding, let Winter outline Missa Gaia's philosophical foundation:  

"The Earth Mass evolved over the next four months. Our friend Mary Schoonmaker suggested the alternative title Missa Gaia, using the Greek name for Mother Earth and acknowledging the Gaia hypothesis of scientists James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, who propose 'that the entire range of living matter on Earth, from whales to viruses,and from oaks to algae, could be regarded as constituting a single livingentity, capable of manipulating the Earth's atmosphere to suit its overallneeds and endowed with faculties and power far beyond those of its constituent parts'.

If the 'Gaia hypothesis' is about synergy, then the process of our creation of the EarthMass/Missa, Gaia is truly a manifestation of Gaia. For what developed was an interweave of creative ideas from all the members of the Consort; and our process was self-balancing, by virtue of the common instincts of our little musical tribe. While no one of us knew all of what was appropriate for the music for this Mass, together we found that we did know". 

As an aside, Lovelock, an agnostic, is an eccentric scientist, who at one point predicted that half of humanity would be dead within a hundred years due to "global warming"; Margulis was a 911 "truth seeker", a strict evolutionary materialistic biologist, who, incidentally, rejects the "fuzzy" goddess ideology of many Gaia advocates. Yet, the key point to remember is that from the extremes of biological materialism through agnosticism to gnosticism we have the rejection of Christ and His Church; we have the Creator supplanted with creation: we have pantheism.

So far, Winter's inspirations for this cacophony are not very edifying. But it gets even worse, much, much worse. Winter informs us: 

Earth Mass/Missa Gaia was premiered on Mother's Day, May 10, 1981, celebrating Mother Earth, with a sermon by David Brower [a now deceased "environmentalist"], founder and president of Friends of the Earth...

Now, you may ask: who is this Brower? What motivates him? Draw your own conclusions based on his words. I, for one, recall National Socialism. 

"Overpopulation is perhaps the biggest problem facing us," he said, "and immigration is part of that problem. It has to be addressed." Some of his views with regard to population control were quite controversial. For example, he once stated that, "Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license ... All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.


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Anonymous said...

This also has some comments from Gaia James Lovelock

"Lovelock believes "Orthodox Christianity properly understood is a distortion of the pure forms of religious truth" and that "we must immediately return to the worship of the Earth goddess if we are to save ourselves from destruction."

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Thanks Anonymous for your expose on Lovelock.