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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dirty Tricks: Who is trying to discredit the Cardinals' secret report to the Pope?

A disturbing and disgusting report in La Stampa by Vatican "insider", Marco Tosatti claims that the Vatileaks dossier cannot be trusted and that His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano, Nuncio to the United States is a liar. Tosatti is the same man who just a few days ago reviewed a number of "candidates" for the all important job of Secretary of State.

Tosatti wrote:

The Church is not short of possible candidates, starting with Archbishop Piero Parolin, Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela. Archbishop Celestine Migliore, the Pope’s current ambassador in Warsaw who represented the Holy See at the UN is another potential future collaborator of the Pope. Both have close ties with the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Sodano

Tosatti further mentions Archbishop Ventura (former Nuncio to Canada, and a follower of the late Cardinal Casarolli). Ventura, it should be noted played a major role in the selection process of Canadian bishops (no more need be said).  

On his latest report, Tosatti seeks to undermine the three Cardinals Dossier. Suddenly, we are to believe they are not credible; the dossier is based on reports from Archbishop Vigano - whom, so we are to believe, is a fraudster. Strangely, the 300 page dossier - now no longer reliable - is supplanted with a 300 (!) page report by then Pope Benedict. Having not read the Dossier, I find it bizarre that Tosatti dismisses it out of hand. Who would benefit by such a smear campaign against Vigano and the three Cardinals? Well, just look at Tosatti's "short list" for Secretary of State" Cardinal Sodano, by any other name. 

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. 

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