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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Curial Corruption: Has the Pope been reduced to cabin boy on the Barque of Peter?

Developing on my earlier post regarding the need for massive curial governance reform, the updated 1988 Apostolic Constitution, Pastor Bonus under Pope John Paul II, has proven to be an utter failure. Rather then elucidate confidence in governance reform, history has now shown that it merely perpetuated the corruption since the days of Cardinal Villot (Secretary of State during the Pauline reign). Indeed, given Art 42.1 (see below) the Secretariat of State would be in a conflict of interest to draw up Pastor Bonus - but, no matter, they did so anyhow.

Pastor Bonus outlines the following powers within the Secretariat of State (and they are massive; staying strictly within the spirit of the 1967 Pauline governance "reform"); the first section focusing on day to day Church operations (internal). The second, focuses on the Holy See's diplomatic activities (beyond the scope of this post). For your consideration, I ask you to not only view how the Secretariat play the central role in day-to-day control of the universal Church; but its control over Papal documents and communications/media. Is there anything the Secretariat of State doesn't do? This document is worthy of Sir Humphrey Appleby himself. 

Art. 39 — The Secretariat of State provides close assistance to the Supreme Pontiff in the exercise of his supreme office.
Art. 40 — The Secretariat is presided over by the cardinal secretary of state. It is composed of two sections, the First being the Section for General Affairs, under the direct control of the substitute, with the help of the assessor; the Second being the Section for Relations with States, under the direction of its own secretary, with the help of the undersecretary. Attached to this latter section is a council of cardinals and some bishops.

First Section
Art. 41 — § 1. It is the task of the First Section in a special way to expedite the business concerning the daily service of the Supreme Pontiff; to deal with those matters which arise outside the ordinary competence of the dicasteries of the Roman Curia and of the other institutes of the Apostolic See; to foster relations with those dicasteries and coordinate their work, without prejudice to their autonomy; to supervise the office and work of the legates of the Holy See, especially as concerns the particular Churches. This section deals with everything concerning the ambassadors of States to the Holy See.
§ 2. In consultation with other competent dicasteries, this section takes care of matters concerning the presence and activity of the Holy See in international organizations, without prejudice to art. 46. It does the same concerning Catholic international organizations.
Art. 42 — It is also the task of the First Section:
1: to draw up and dispatch apostolic constitutions, decretal letters, apostolic letters, epistles, and other documents entrusted to it by the Supreme Pontiff;
2. to prepare the appropriate documents concerning appointments to be made or approved by the Supreme Pontiff in the Roman Curia and in the other institutes depending on the Holy See;
3. to guard the leaden seal and the Fisherman’s ring.
Art. 43 — It is likewise within the competence of this Section:
1. to prepare for publication the acts and public documents of the Holy See in the periodical entitled Acta Apostolic√¶ Sedis;
2. through its special office commonly known as the Press Office, to publish official announcements of acts of the Supreme Pontiff or of the activities of the Holy See;
3. in consultation with the Second Section, to oversee the newspaper called L’Osservatore romano, the Vatican Radio Station, and the Vatican Television Centre.
Art. 44 — Through the Central Statistical Office, it collects, organizes, and publishes all data, set down according to statistical standards, concerning the life of the whole Church throughout the world.

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