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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cardinal Collins accosted by reporter in Rome!

Thomas Cardinal Collins had to suffer the great indignity to be verbally accosted and pestered by an impertinent and ignorant reporter from British based Channel 4. The video may be viewed at Vox Cantoris.

Worse, was His Eminence struggling out into the rain with baggage, a coat, seeking to hail a cab without any assistance from the staff that followed him from Toronto. Why was there no one to act as an "advance" to ensure the Cardinal's safety?  

It is shameful that the Cardinal was treated is such a rude manner; more shameful that his staff was "awol" (??) - leaving the Cardinal without any protection and assistance. Let us remember - Cardinal Collins is a Prince of the Church, undertaking his grave duty in electing the next Vicar of Jesus Christ. 

God draws good out of evil; this unseemly encounter only showed what a man of God the good Cardinal is. May God protect him from the various wolves that surround him. 

Please pray for the Cardinal and all the Cardinals as they continue their awesome responsibility before God in selecting the next Supreme Pontiff. 

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Freyr said...

What has always impressed me about Cardinal Collins was his willingness to embrace such moments as these and use them to speak the truth. At the cost of spending a few moments with a very rude journalist he was able to tell him and any watching exactly what the conclave was really about.