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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wars, wars, and rumours of wars: The Anniversary of World War II

Far too many have forgotten that today marks the 74th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War, with the Nazi invasion of Poland; soon to be joined by their confederates in crime, the Soviet Union - partitioning Poland in half, and laying the eventual groundwork for the division of Europe. Stalin had long been encouraging the Nazis - including German troops training in Soviet Russia prior to open hostilities. 

My father remembered well the despicable behaviour of the Soviets in London; the British authorities totally besotted with Soviet propaganda treated Stalin as a hero; even fanatically pro-Red Army shows and concerts were staged in the Albert Hall for those criminals. Following the War, Polish troops were forbidden to participate in any Victory Parades on the direct orders of Stalin. The once powerful British Empire, now reduced to being America's cabin boy...

In our day too, the storm clouds of war are gathering: Obama, Biden, a number of Middle East Sunni dictatorships, along with goading from State Department Muslim Brotherhood adherents would like to lay waste Syria to leave the road open for another Islamist takeover of one of the last bastions in the Arab world where Christians used to live peacefully with their Muslim neighbour. For all of Assad's "sins", one sin was not persecution of the Christian community. Ditto for Saddam Hussein. The last holdout seems to be Jordan, with formerly Christian Lebanon staggering under the growing influence of foreign backed terrorist organizations. 

Yet, alas for the war mongers - an unexpected roadblock - the British parliament thwarted Cameron's hedge to throw in with Obama. Seeing this, Obama will now use the Congress as a tool to back out of the political disaster of his own making. Meanwhile, Syrians are being tortured, beheaded, thrown out of apartment buildings to their deaths, by Islamist Jihadis.

Pray that a fateful day such as September 1, 1939 does not happen again.

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