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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

SYRIA CRISIS: White House in total disarray and confusion after Putin's checkmate of Obama

With Barack "Insane" Obama firmly checkmated yesterday by Vladimir "The Fox" Putin, the neocon elites have to find new kindling to instigate a war to help their allies in the Middle East: Al Queda. 

With Putin and his cagey foreign secretary, Lavrov, skillfully seizing upon John "Blabbermouth" Kerry's musing about handing over chemical weapons, Obama is left with a face-saving exit courtesy of his Russian counter-part. However, the price for Obama  is horrendous. International humiliation and ridicule, the expose of a non-existent foreign policy, a lame-duck presidency at home, general loss of public support, the carefully crafted public image of a brilliant man shown in true light: a geo-political neophyte, totally out of his depth. 

This post should not be taken as pro-Putin. It is about facts. We are pro-Catholic; we are well aware of Mr. Putin's human rights violations, and his manipulation of the crisis for his own geo-political ends. But the fact remains: he is a brilliant man, a political tactician and he has, in one day, dealt a devastating political blow to Barack Obama. Politically, he totally outclasses Obama, who is a mere infant, when compared to Putin, the man.

Neo-cons mocked Pope Francis' Prayer Vigil. Well, we may have a second blessing besides no war. The beginning of the downfall of the enemy of the Catholic Church in America - and God perhaps even used an ex-KGB officer as His tool. His ways, are not our ways....

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