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Monday, 30 September 2013

The National Catholic Reporter throws the Pakistani Christians to the Muslim Brotherhood "lions"

The carnage after the Islamist bombing of All Saints Church, Pakistan
Today, the National Catholic Reporter carried a bizarre article by a Maureen Fiedler, which following the theory of the Islamist scholar, Akbar Ahmed, suggests that the bombing of Christian civilians in Pakistan the other week was due to the use by American Forces of drones.

Was this article just morbid and distasteful buffoonery, or also laziness to follow-up as to who this Ahmed is? The only other alternative is sinister. The following background check was done quickly, and easily. One wonders why Fiedler did not do so. I leave that up to your imagination. NCR should now request Fiedler's resignation; or terminate her association with the paper. How can one square this disgusting article with the NCR's own editorial policy?

Who is this Akbar Ahmed? He is an Islamist, with direct links to an organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). An excellent background primer on this duplicitous character  by may be read here.

This same group is a front organization for the terrorist group, the Muslim Bortherhood. The IIIT also has ties with another Brotherhood front, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). American readers may be interested to know that ISNA has just had its charitable status revoked in Canada due to ties to terrorism.  


Freyr said...

Your background check is a dead link. Not sure it matters though. If you have no moral qualms about killing people and you have a desire to get yourself noticed then this strategy is a perfectly sound one. Murder is murder whether it is out of hatred for Christians or out of some perverse desire for publicity. A devout Muslim wishing to acquit his co-religionists of religious discrimination nevertheless has to deal with the fact of cold blooded murder. Far more serious is the NCR wanting to put some sort of political spin on an act of brutal murder committed against a group precisely because they were Christian.

Barona said...

If the NCR does not deal with this reporter, they are dead in the water....