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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Pope Francis: "I love Wagner"

"I love Wagner"

Lost in the mine of words by His Holiness were three words of gold: "I love Wagner". Wonderful!! Hounded by the police in his homeland, Wagner found solace in the warm embrace of the Court of Queen Victoria. Now, on the bi-centennial of his birth, another Wagnerian victory: he is embraced by the See of Peter!

The great Richard Wagner, 1813-1883


TH2 said...

"...Wagnerian victory: he is embraced by the See of Peter!" ... and by Hitler and the Nazis, too.

Sorry, Barona, couldn't resist :)

Rare that Catholics like Wagner, given themes of Norse/pagan bloodlust.

I note your avatar is of Bill Shatner, who is also a musician, you might know. He does Sinatra songs too.

Check out onehere link:

Kinda mesmerizing, even Wagneresque.

Barona said...

Thanks for the link HH. I have been a huge admirer of Wagner for a long time. I am hoping to post on Parsifal in the not too distant future...

cc: Fielding Chase

Freyr said...

I'm not watching Parsifal...
Sixteen hours of The Ring every five years is quite enough thank you.