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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tarek Fatah: Renounce the doctrine of violent Jihad !

To watch the video link here
Canadian Freedom fighter, Tarek Fatah has spoken out - once more - with power and eloquence on the blindness and absolute refusal of major news agencies to come to terms with, and call out the vile and evil doctrine of Jihad which is sending - on a daily basis - hundreds of peaceful Muslims to their deaths at the hands of these monsters. Do you know that Jihadis gouged out the eyes of Muslims soldiers for daring to put on an UN uniform? You may know of the church being bombed in Pakistan; do you know that there have been incidents of Christian children being cooked in ovens in Iraq? Are you aware that the Jihadi terrorists in Kenya also took malignant pleasure in ensuring to single out Sikhs for extermination? How many in the "free" media told the world of the throat-slitting in the Syrian Christian town of Malaula  - of even woman and children!? Are you aware that a good five hundred - that is correct - 500 organizations in Canada have at least indirect and sympathetic ties to Jihadi terrorist groups? Don't take my word for it - watch Mr. Fatah. 

Are you aware that the terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood (that has infiltrated right into the White House) - now expelled from Egypt - is, wait for it, relocating its media offices to London!! The city of my mother's birth, the centre of the once great British Empire, the city founded by the Romans, one of the greatest cities of western civilization will now host, like a grotesque canker, this abomination. I leave to your own conclusions the possible judgment of history on the men who have allowed all this. 

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