Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Proclaim Jesus without fear and triumphalism

There seems to be an awful lot of confusion over this word "triumphalism" with people saying "Surely not I, Lord?"  I had thought about writing a rant about this but actually it seems simple enough. I did look up the word "triumph" though and the definitions  that came back were
 1 a great victory or achievement
 2 the processional entry of a victorious general into ancient Rome.

“There are so many Christians without the Resurrection, Christians without the Risen Christ: they accompany Jesus to the grave, they weep, they love him, but that’s it,” Francis said. As I thought about the kinds of Christians who live without the Risen Christ, three came to my mind, but there are so many more. I thought of the fearful, fearful Christians; the embarrassed, those who feel embarrassment and the triumphalists. Neither of these three types met with the Risen Christ! The fearful are the ones who like the disciples of Emmaus who leave on the morning of the Resurrection because they are scared. “
Christian “triumphalists” “do not know the meaning of the word ' triumph '” “because they have such an inferiority complex and want to do this ... When we look at these Christians, with their many triumphalist attitudes, in their lives, in their speeches and in their pastoral theology, liturgy, so many things, it is because they do not believe deep down in the Risen One. He is the Winner, the Risen One. He won. This is the message that Paul gives to us " Christ "is everything," he is totality and hope, "because he is the Bridegroom, the Winner,” Francis added.      (Pope Francis' homily from Vatican Insider)


Barona said...

One thing I wish is that the Papal sermons were published in their entirety.

Vox Cantoris said...

I just wish I knew what he means when he say things. The intellectual Benedict was so much easier to comprehend. It's almost like we've been dumbed down. I don't mean to be critical but I really can't read Francis anymore. It is just too frustrating.

I miss Benedict. I have to be honest.

Montfort said...

I think Pope Francis is warning us that if we try to refashion Jesus according to our desires, we create a false Christ, an idol. It is a daily struggle to keep our eyes on the real Christ. He challenges us in our sins!!!

Freyr said...

The only "processional entry of a victorious general" we have any right to expect is the second coming of Jesus in glory.

Barona said...

I wish La Stampa published the entire sermon. It is unscholarly to indulge in journalistic editing. Either publish everything the pope said or nothing.

St. Philip Neri had a good one line sermon against any form of triumphalism: "but, by the grace of God go I"