Wednesday, 11 September 2013

SCOTLAND: Scottish hierarchy sent pervert to Southdown in Toronto

Paul Smyth, another victim of the evil that has
infiltrated the Church in Scotland
I can now reveal, after the recent publication in the Daily Record, that Fr. Paul Moore, a homosexual abuser, was sent to Southdown for treatment.

Unfortunately, Southdown, as has been seen in their literature over the years, equivocated on issues pertaining to homosexuality. I find it outrageous that this monster of iniquity was accepted at Southdown. Did the Archdiocese know of  the very serious allegations of child abuse against him...He should have been returned immediately to Scotland. 

However, we move into the future. The recent revelations, tragic as they are, are also a sign of renewal. The church in my motherland needs to be purified. Sadly, Catholic haters, bigots, and enemies of Christianity will use these vile revelations as a mode to attack the Church. So be it. The Apostles had their Judas, we have ours. However, the Church survived Judas, and She will survive these traitors of Jesus Christ. 

It is especially sad, as there are so many holy priests who are serving Our Blessed Lord with such devotion. To these holy men I say: we love you and are with you during this dark hour. And we raise our voice against this evil to drive it from the Church. Obviously, the Daily Record cannot in any way be construed as Christian. However, since the hierarchy did not listen to the cry of the the abused, there is no alternative but to proclaim these terrible realities through the secular media. 

As I have written before, Witness will not be silent on this abomination in the church in Scotland. Be warned: we will not be silent. 

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